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Onda V919 G Core M Dual Boot Bios, Image And Rom Downloads Online

Onda V919 G Core M Dual Boot Bios, Image And Rom Downloads Online

Currently, the Onda v919 is shipping as a single OS tablet. But now Onda have released the files need to convert your v919 3G Core M into a dual boot. The dual boot bios, Android 5.0 Rom and Windows 10 image are now in the downloads section of the Onda v919 3G Core M downloads page.

Onda claim the AnTuTu 5.7.1 score is in the 60k range, not a bad score.

You can find the downloads on the 3rd tab. You need the bios, Android Rom and later the Windows 10 image. I’m trying to download this myself for when my v919 3G arrives for review. But I’m not having much luck.

Onda v919 3G Android 5.0 rom download

Source: Onda

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  1. Hey there Chris, my tablet just came in today! It has windows 10 pre-installed. The only problem is that its completely in chinese. Could you assist me in changing the language to english?

    • I was worried it would be, Banggood updated the listening saying its Chinese only now. We might have to flash the above Rom which could have English. I will not have mine until sometime next week to test it out.

      You can also try and force install English: http://superuser.com/questions/666978/how-to-install-a-new-display-language-onto-windows-8-1-single-language

      Apart from this Chinese issue, what do you think of it?

      • Thats unfortunate :/ We’ll figure something out! So far its pretty awesome. Its a tad heavy, but bearable. The screen is actually alot better quality than I imagined it to be! I was watching your comparison between the telcast x98 air 3g and the onda v919 3g air and the telcast screen looked a whole lot better, but the screen is quite wonderful. The colors can be described as more “natural.” I ran a couple 4k videos on youtube and they looked amazing. The tablet does get warm quite quickly, but not to warm so far. I was dissapointed at the clock speeds, I did not realize its only clocked at 1gz. The speakers are very quite, but i’ll be using headphones most of the time anyway. I have yet to test gaming, which I’ll do soon. So far its pretty damn awesome, clear crisp screen and butter smooth! I did notice that the keyboard and very few parts are kn english. I’ll take a look at the link and see what I can do. Thanks for your help Chris!

        • Hi Jt, don’t try the above it killed the OS on Bills. He has done a fresh install now to get English on it, I’ll have to do the same.

          • I was actually reading on that same thread that it could render your OS useless. I ended up creating usb with microsofts media creation tool on a separate computer (if you use it on the tablet, it will be in chinese and possibly download windows 10 home chinese edition). What I did was use the OTG cable that came with it and hooked up a usb hub. I booted into the bios by pressing the esc key and did a fresh install. The touch screen will not work afterwards so you’ll need a mouse and keyboard. After the installation I downloaded the drivers from your site and installed them one by one. BAM no more chinese. The only problem is, the product keys that come with this tablet are only for the chinese version of windows and will not work with the english versions. I personally backed up my original product key because through the process I did, I had to change it. But now that the tablet is in english, its so much better. One thing I did notice is that the whole back of the tablet gets really hot when plugged in.

  2. Use mega.co.nz

  3. Google drive claims the dual boot file is infected with a virus! What the….

  4. Hey Chris waiting for best tablet as of August video

    • Hi Ann. Okay well, I will do that after I get the v919 Core M and Telcast X98 Pro. As it could be one of those.

  5. Thanks for all your kind help! You are a blessing to all of us poor student who need cheap devices!!

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