Cherry Trail Tablets And What Will Be Reviewed (Updated)

Cherry Trail Tablets And What Will Be Reviewed (Updated)

I see a lot of comments in YouTube, emails and messages. Will I review X tablet, will I get the X Cherry Trail. Well here is my list, I will review what I can, but it all depends on my review funds on what I can buy and I will try and prioritize them of course. Most popular first, if available.

I can see I’m going to be very busy. I will review what I can, but not all tablets will get a full written review like the Vi10 Ultimate and maybe Hi8 Pro. If only the CPU has changed, no point covering the same design again)

So you don’t miss out on video only content, please subscribe to the YouTube channel! The more subscribers the site has, the more manufacturers will finally take note of us and finally send me review units.

My Review list: 

Cherry Trail Atoms:

  • Cube iwork11 Cherry Trail Wacom tablet (Yes if funds permit)
  • Teclast X?? 11.6″ Atom X5 Z8700 tablet (yes when released and if I have funds to)
  • Teclast X16 Pro – Yes when released (Looking like December release now)
  • Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate (Ordered. I will review this, video review only in YT channel)
  • Chuwi Hi10 (I will review this, when released. Ful Review)
  • Chuwi Hi8 Pro (I will review this, when released)
  • Onda V820w CH  (Ordered: I will review this. Compare to Chuwi Hi8 Pro and Teclast X80?)
  • Onda V919 Air CH (Not sure..)
  • Teclast X80 Plus (maybe)
  • Teclast X80 Pro (will try to review it)
  • Teclast X98 Plus (will review it)
  • Cube iwork8 Cherry Trail (maybe)
  • PiPo W1S (Will review it, when released)


Bay Trails:

  • Teclast Air III (Ordered, waiting for the slow boat to arrive)
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  1. What about xiaomi mi pad 2. I know there is no official information about specs/price/release date. But this device should be on the list 🙂

  2. Hi chris,
    thanks for this update!
    I can’t find the “vi10 ultimate” link! In which website have you ordered it?

    • From Aliexpress I ordered this one. will have it this week.

  3. Thanks for the update !!!

  4. Many thanks for your reviews! You’re doing a great job and spend a lot of money. Too bad that manufacturers do not send free tablets for test 🙁

    • Yes, thanks for doing a great job and i hope you get the recognition you deserve. As someone interested in gadgets i find the chinese tablet/pc market fascinating, primarily for the sheer speed at which the chinese tablet manufacturers are issuing new/updated models and secondly enabling consumers to obtain the latest specs at almost bargain basement prices. Chris, I am interested in your views how you think the chinese tablet/pc market will develop a few years down the line. New product surely cannot continue appearing at such a frantic rate, or can it? Will Teclast and Chuwi etc slow down sufficiently to iron out some of the rough edges on the software/hardware before they go on sale. And can/will they improve after sales support? While i’m being nosey what are you doing living in Spain/Portugal with that antipodean accent? Do tell.

      • Thanks, I hope some of the manufacturers finally take note and send me tablets to review instead of them having to buy them. I’ve sending out email all the time but no luck, it’s really baffling.

        I thought things might slow down this year, but Chuwi and Teclast are doing well for themselves for now, so pumping out new X5 Atom models. I don’t think it will slow down just yet. I’m hopeful they will step things up even further and aim for something with a design as thin as the Air 2 or Tab S2.

        I’m from NZ (explains the accent) I live in Spain as I moved here to my wife’s town, which is better than London where I use to live and Auckland before that.

        • jaja, you can sey; i’m a traveler
          I have some friend, the which have gone to new zeland to work and they have told me nz is a country so calm and prety.

        • Hey snap! I’m a kiwi too, in Auckland. Pleased a fellow countryman is running such a fantastic website! 😀

  5. Thanks for all the great info, and thanks in advance for the upcoming cherry trail reviews. I guess there’s no hope holding out for a 7-8″ cherry trail Windows tablet with a full size usb port? I don’t want the extra size (Or price) of a 10″, but I also don’t want to have to carry around an otg adapter and still not be able to simultaneously charge and host usb peripherals. Oh well, here’s to hoping micro center will come out with a cherry trail update of their winbook tw700 (7″ Windows bay trail 1g/16g, but with a full size usb)

    • I doubt there will be one that size with a full USB port. I would love to see it myself too.

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