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Deals: Cube i7 Stylus Core M for $325

Deals: Cube i7 Stylus Core M for $325

Cube’s i7 Stylus Windows 10 tablet currently has $30 off the price with Banggood’s new updated coupon 0fcd6f, this brings it to $325.99. While its not as good as the limited $299 sale of late 2015 this is the lowest the i7 Stylus has been since. Maybe Cube is making way and clearing out stocks as they gear up for the release of the larger and more expensive Cube i9 Core M3?

The Cube i7 Stylus is one of the best tablets I’ve reviewed from the various Chinese brands. One of the most powerful too with its 2.0Ghz Core M 5Y10, 4GB DDR3 Ram, 64GB SSD and native Wacom stylus support. You can check out my review here: Cube i7 Review. My review was of the WIndows 8.1 release model, it’s now shipping with Windows 10.

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  1. I just bought it from gearbest EU warehouse for 315$.
    I´ll make a review when I get it

  2. In the USA, you can get the Mytrix Complex 11t (an OEM version of the Cube i7), complete with Stylus and Keyboard from uShopMall’s Amazon store for $399. I am not sure if it is 100% firmware compatible, but mine should be here next week. From what I understand, it is just the Cube i7 with a couple of apps removed to make it FCC compliant.

  3. If you think about the 240$ 11/11 deal, 325$ seems a bit high – too bad I didnt need a new tablet back then :'(

  4. Writing from my 3 months old i7 stylus. Thanks a lot for making this site and making me buy this awesome tablet Chris. Rock solid build and performance.

    • Me too. I have bought for the same reason.

    • Glad it’s working out, it really is one of the best Chinese tablets I’ve reviewed.

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