Onda oBook10 Plus – 10.1″ Surface Book Clone Annouced

Onda oBook10 Plus – 10.1″ Surface Book Clone Annouced

As well as the 11.6″ oBook11 Pro, Onda has a smaller Surface Book styled 2 in 1 tablet, the oBook11 Plus. This one has a got a 2560 x 1600p screen, the same Surface Book style hinge, and docking mechanism. But is less powerful only packing an Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 64GB eMMC. Unlike the Pro version, the Plus model is a dual boot tablet. It also supports an active stylus of sorts, but not sure what tech.

Since it’s not using the more expensive Core M3, It will be cheaper than the oBook11 Pro of course, even if it has a 300 PPI screen.

Source: Onda’s Weibo / PCOnline.cn

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  1. I think MS kinda blew the Surface Book. A lot of people loved the idea of having a proper keyboard and not an atroscious kick stand that sucks for being on your lap. Unfortunately they made the thing way too expensive and the GPU should have had a 965m.

    I am definitely interested in this thing but it needs a Core M and 128gb SSD minimum with either N Trig or Wacom. If it has that then they have something good here, providing the build quality is acceptable.

  2. So, Can be screen / tablet detached? And what about keyboard? Its only keyboard with USB? No battery or somethink else?

    • Hi, very little details on that from Onda. But as far as I can tell it has a release button like a Surface Book and the screen pulls way from it. It can also possibly be flipped around. There seems to be no battery in the keyboard itself and only USB port on the keyboards left side. Hopefully, get some more details on it soon and the larger oBook 11 Pro which has a Core M3 in it and the same design. http://techtablets.com/2016/04/onda-obook-11-pro-surface-book-clone-core-m3/

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