Deals: GB Summer Sale. Xiaomi Mi 6 $409, Jumper EZBook 3 Pro $199

Deals: GB Summer Sale. Xiaomi Mi 6 $409, Jumper EZBook 3 Pro $199

Updated: They have just added the Mi Drone 4k version to the summer sale, 250 units at $475 USD. I’ve just got mine and I’ll have a video of it soon, but so far it’s awesome. Even a novice like me can fly it in the beginner’s mode. And the build quality is great.

We have some summer sales from Gearbest coming up in waves soon on their promo page. I’ve taken a look and can see there are some good deals. The Jumper EZBook 3 Pro for $199, but you have to reserve it at this price. The Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship 5.1″ snapdragon 835 mobile is $409 with coupon HMI6.

My Jumper EZBook 3 Pro review is here, bare in mind that this version Gearbest is selling has no M.2 slot. There is also a catch a coconut game, apparently, you can win a Xiaomi Mi 6. I had no luck, seems kind of hard to split the coconuts.

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  1. Thanks for the deal tip.
    I couldn’t find the 199$ deal on the ezb 3 pro, so i figured maybe its depand on the amount of orders, if they will reach up to 1K- the price will be reduced to 199.
    but I don’t know for sure, maybe you can ask GB for clarity on this.
    BTW- thanks for this great site ! it was an still a very helpfull to me.

  2. For those looking to try their hand at the ‘Catch a Coconut’ game, I am an old video gamer from way back! 🙂

    Without knowing the rules it is hard, but I split four or five and got a 13% discount on a few items. Seems like the trick is to aim at the ones that look like footballs (rugby, not soccer balls) with loose laces on them. Worked for me.


    • Thanks for the tip, you did better than me. I got nothing in the end haha.

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