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Cube iWork12 Review Online

Cube iWork12 Review Online

My Windows and Android Review of the Cube iwork12 are now both online . This is the cheaper version of the i9, Cube’s Core M3 flagship. It’s powered by the all too common Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of single channel 1600Mhz RAM & is a dual boot tablet. In my time testing and reviewing this tablet I can confirm it’s one of the better dual boots and in terms of build quality and the keyboard, one of the best Atom dual boots. But it comes at a price, the iwork12 is more expensive than other dual-OS Z8300 tablets like the Chuwi Hi12.

The review videos, review summary with good and bad points can be found here: Cube iwork12 Review. I’ll have a comparison video between the Cube iwork12 and the Chuwi Hi12 soon.

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  1. Is anyone able to provide a downloadable copy of the ROM for the iWork12? I bricked mine. The rom is listed as avialable on the cube site but it is only available from the Chinese filesharing site Baidu and I can’t manage to download from there… any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thank

  2. Just received the Cube iWork12 from Gearbest and unfortunately it looks like the eMMC is not a Toshiba as it is labeled in device manager as Generic NCard. Also, the speakers are absolutely horrible. It seems odd that the speakers would change since your review (an eMMC swap I can see, but not speakers) but these are barely usable. They start to distort around 30%-40% volume in windows. Android is a little better as other users reported, but still pretty bad. These are far worse than the Pipo W3 speakers, and worse than most other Chinese tablets I’ve tried/owned. I wonder if the quality has went down since the review?

    Other things: Tablet charger already broke, and any other charger I can find charges the tablet extremely slow…well over 8 hours when off and double that when on.

    Other than that, the screen is quite nice even with the anti-glare layer. The tablet runs smooth enough even with the generic brand eMMC. Still a decent tablet and it was on sale at least. Build quality is quite good. Worth the buy but still some negative points.

    • Hi, they shift eMMC’s from batch to batch. NCard would be a BWIN or FORSEE unit. As for the speakers, not sure maybe the also use different parts? They aren’t wonderful but you can hear them in my review, they should better than most tablets (X98 Air series or the Tbook 16S for example)

      • Yeah I figured. It’s just a shame as I do think it lowers the overall performance and speediness of windows. It’s still decent, and I bought this only as a light home use tablet mostly for surfing, watching movies and such so I can’t complain really.

        The biggest issue I now have is the SD Card is not working in windows. It works fine in Android, but in windows it is listed in the device manager as: The device cannot start (Code 10) and operation failed (the requested operation was unsuccessful). I have tried deleting and reinstalling/updating drivers but no luck. I also reset the windows installation and deleted all files and still no luck. I’ve been searching for a fix for a few weeks now. Any chance you might have an idea? Cheers!

  3. Can’t believe they insist on putting this cheap antiglare layer below the screen.

    • I personally don’t mind it. I only notice it if I look very close up to the screen and even then it’s not so bad. The screen looks great at a normal distance, with great colours and fairly bright. Tweaking the colour settings helps quite a bit as well. It may not be perfect but for the price it’s quite good.

  4. This or chuwi hi12? I like this one for design ( seems more efficient having kick stand + type cover rather than heavy keyboard) But chuwi is lighter, has far better screen and cheaper. Is there a tablet with the cube design but chuwi’s 3:2 hi res screen?

  5. Nex up for review is the Voyo V3 Ultimate (Core M3 edition) and the Teclast X98 Plus II. Maybe the Cube i7 Book when it ships.

    • There is a trend for bigger tablets since Apple released their almost 13 inch tablet. Hopefully we are headed for 13-14 inch with chinese tablets.

      Also with the Chuwi, we have 3:2 aspect ratio and not 1.6 or even worse, 16/9. I hope 3:2 aspect ratio will be seen more often.

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