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Mi Notebook Internals, How To Open It Add Or Replace SSD’s

Mi Notebook Internals, How To Open It Add Or Replace SSD’s

How to open the Mi Notebook Air and add a second SSD.

The Mi Notebook Air (Both models) have a spare slot for another SSD. Now this is meant to be added by Xiaomi when you order your unit from them. However, it is possible with a bit of force to open the rear alloy housing up and add your own. In the below how to video, I show you how to open the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5″, the 13.3″ model will be similar.

Not that for this job you’ll need a T5 sized Torx screwdriver and a plastic pry tool. Another larger M.2 2280 spec SATA3 drive if you want to replace the main drive and a PCIE drive for the spare M.2 bay. Now because I didn’t have a spare PCIE M.2 SSD lying around I cannot confirm if it’s gen2 PCIE or Gen3. If it’s gen3 that means even a Samsung 950 Pro could be placed in there. But why didn’t Xiamoi use the PCIE then as the main boot drive? Was it cost?

If anyone can answer if it is indeed PCIE M.2 Gen3 spec or not, please let us know in the comments so owners can buy the correct spec!

All the rest is in the video above (It’s much easier than writing a huge how to!) 

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  1. i used the OCZ RD400 which was on sale during black friday. it runs pretty hot but it comes with a thermal pad (yay didn’t need to buy 1).

    Reinstalled windows os onto it and it works brilliantly.

  2. The external GPU idea would be pretty cool if there were a way to make the cabling neat. It would make up for the machine not having a thunderbolt port.

  3. As I read in the MIUI forums, a SSD you can install in the second bay in the Xiaomi Air 12 model it an Intel 600P: SSDPEKKW128G7X1 or SSDPEKKW256G7X1.

  4. can you recommend me ssd cheaper than the 950 pro? Also 120gb is ok.
    THank you!

    • Sure the Samsung PM951, Samsung SM951 or the Samsung PM961. All of those are M.2 NVMe and 2280.

      • Thank you! And what about the Toshiba thnsn5128gpu7 ?
        Is compatible? Because I found it at 57 euro, is half the price of the samsung.

  5. Okay, I install a Samsung 950 Pro. Reads of 1800 mb/s and writes of 980 mb/s. Not quite full speeds, but almost. To use it as the main boot drive you need to enable legacy mode for the bios to detect it on boot.

  6. Anyone know if HWInfo or a similar app is able to see if that PCIE is Gen3? (X4)

  7. Excelent job man !

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