An Update. New Models To Review And Check Out.

An Update. New Models To Review And Check Out.

While I basically know the Atom X5 Z8300’s performance numbers by memory there are still a few more devices I will be checking out. The PiPo X10 I unboxed, will be getting the review treatment soon. I took a quick break from all the Atom Z8300’s to check out the Mi Notebooks and some interesting Chinese mobiles. But my normal schedule of reviewing tablets and other related tech resumes.

While there is nothing wrong with the z8300 + 4GB of RAM, it’s, great on batteries, good for light tasks,  light gaming on low  res and settings. But it would be great to see more X5 Z85X0’s, and X7’s used! I’ve seen more Z8300 devices than any sane person would welcome… Can’t wait to see the new Apollo Lake Celeron and Pentium labeled devices. But the will be more costly, powerful and have 6W, so require larger batteries if were going to get anything close to Atom X5’s battery figures.

The following to be reviewed here or YouTube:

  • PiPo X10 hybrid mini pc meets tablet.
  • Teclast Tbook 16S
  • Chuwi Hi10 Pro (Due to being exactly the same as the HiBook but with only Remix OS is the change, this won’t get a detailed review.
  • LeEco Cool1 Dual – Dual camera Snapdragon 652 octa core mobile.

Ordered waiting on:

  • Jumper EZBook Air (EZBook 2 successor) Atom X5 Z8300 11.6″ Notebook with 128GB eMMC, Type-C and Wireless AC. With a full metal body. The Zbook 2 turned out to be a surprise hit, so I decided to check out the new upgraded version.
  • Onda oBook 12. Atom X7 Yogo book style laptop/tablet. Yes, 3 times I’ve reordered. It will ship out one day. Onda apparently had huge issues with the first batch and now legal issues holding up the release? I hope to have it one day!
  • Teclast Tbook 16 Pro, transformer style keyboard version of the Tbook 16S, but with a metal build and left and right speakers. Dual OS.
  • YEPO 737S Laptop another Z8300 (As if it would be different!) Jumper EZbook 2 style 13.3″ laptop with 128GB eMMC for around $200.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to follow me on social media: YouTube & Twitter (No FB). It plays a huge part in me been able to hopefully secure some review units from the likes of HP, ASUS & Lenovo etc. They want to see X amount of subs, and followers etc before they even think about loaning me a tablet to or 2-in-1 to review.


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  1. Espero ansioso la review del yepo 737s, tiene muy buena pinta los 128 gb de almacenamiento y el cuerpo de aluminio.

  2. I think this is because the Atom Z8300 chips are dirt cheap. Something like $5 each and maybe even lower in volume buys. The profit margins on these devices are razor thin from what I heard.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and finally decided to order a Chinese tablet from a Chinese online shop. I was very hesitant before, but your reviews gave me enough confidence to try my luck and make the first order. Let’s see if it turns out to be a pleasant experience. Anyways, thank you for your tremendous work on reviewing a relatively under-reviewed field of Chinese tablets on the Web. Now comes my question :). What do you do with all these devices after having played with them? I mean do you keep them for yourself, do you have an agreement with the vendors to send it back? If you prefer not to answer these questions, for any reason, then at least answer the following one “have you considered reselling these items to the followers of your blog?”. I guess many would agree to first buy a used item from you, before taking a risk of ordering it from China.

    This question has been bugging my mind, my guess is that someone else had it on his mind too, and probably had even asked it already, but a quick search in the forums did not reveal any answer. If this kind of question has already been asked before, please don’t get mad and point to where I could get the answer from.

    • I keep some (Ones I like or need to hang onto for comparisons or later converting to dual boot etc) and resell others to recover some of the costs. I don’t have to send any back as I buy them. I prefer not to sell them to viewers due to two bad experiences. A) People want them dirt cheap B) Both times I had to offer support for the tablets and wasted a lot of time on it. So I prefer not to. They are sold locally in Spain. And I also don’t have to answer a flood of emails/pm’s asking for my tablets extra cheap. As it is I get around 20-30 msgs and emails a day now mostly for support but some offer me cash for XYZ tablet etc once I finish reviewing it.

      • OK got it, didn’t even think that it would incur so many troubles, but yeah :(.

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