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Jumper EZBook Air – New 11.6″ Laptop with 128GB eMMC & Wireless AC

Jumper EZBook Air – New 11.6″ Laptop with 128GB eMMC & Wireless AC

The Jumper EZbook 2 I reviewed some months back wasn’t a bad Atom laptop for it’s $162 price tag, now Jumper is releasing a new model which ups the game further with a full alloy metal build, 11.6″ 1080 screen, Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of RAM. And the interesting part – It will have a 128GB eMMC and Intel wireless AC. The battery is 8000mAh which is a step down from the 11,000mAh in the EZbook 2, but that ones 14 inches so more space for larger battery cells. Seems to be lacking on ports, copying the MacBook it has only 1 USB 3 Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone port.

Gearbest seems to be the only ones listing it for now, on preorder for $261.99.  (With coupon GBEZA) Which is a lot more than the plastic EZbook 2, I would have hoped for at least an Atom 7 Z8700 for that price.  Can’t say I’m fond of the champagne gold color, just reminds me of Apple products.

Any interest in this one, should I review it? (Well, if I’m able too)

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  1. Honest question, is there a reason you all buy laptops like this instead of a tablet with a keyboard? I’d much rather have the variety of options of a tablet with a good solid keyboard with extra USB ports than a laptop of any sort.

    • The focus is almost all tablets, but now and then I do like to look at notebooks, mini pcs, mobiles from China. I like 2-in-1’s but there good tech out there for cheap like the Xiaomi Mi Notebook.

  2. With only one port, better get one of those magnetic connector adapters. You wear out that port and you’re f’ed.

  3. It’s $289 at Geekbuying. Considering it’s 4GB/128GB, price seems fair.

    • Yes for $261 you get wireless ac, 128GB emmc and metal build the price is good considering the spec. Just a shame about the color.

  4. Hey Chris, i seems like teclast is producing a new X70 called the X70 R +(Upgrade), with a metal body and reduced bezels

    Link : http://www.teclast.com/en/zt/X70Rupgrade/

    • Sofia Atom X3’s are horrible. Very slow, I did not like the X70. 600p screen was really bad too.

  5. I think this would be interesting at a price tag $20 over the Jumper Z2’s. I wouldn’t pay more for this, knowing the heating issues of its older brother… The lack of ports and the -most likely- TFT screen won’t help either. And the Z2 wouldn’t power up external drives!!

    I’m currently using a Voyo A1 Plus Ultimate with same spects except for a 64Gb emmc, a 10000mAh battery (9h of juice), 2 USB ports (fully functional), a HDMI port, a 1080p IPS touch screen, the absence of the pinch2zoom trackpad gesture (this is good, believe me xD), the 360ª folding capability… at a much cheaper price.

    • interesting … the Jumper Air seems to be 240gr lighter … but the Voyo A1 Plus seems to be interesting ! is the build quality OK ??
      (heard not very good things about the Voyo Vbook V1 which intestered me a lot before because it s small and light …)

      • Actually, the build quality is very good for its price range… The plastic used is high quality, soft and matte. I’d say more resistant to scratches than those glossy ones. Weight and dimentions feel good. Very easy to carry. The screen is really good, and battery life is simply insane: over 9h of web browsing in a single charge!
        Both USB ports can power external drives. The wifi adaptor is not AC, but the range is amazing! I get to see networks in my block I had never seen before. Windows 10 runs very stable and snappy. I’m really happy with it 🙂

        • Thanks Inhalt for the info !
          Do you have android on it ? Does it run OK ?
          Thanks again !

          • Only Windows, and runs very well. Sold it a couple of days ago and now I’m using my V3, but I’m definitely buying the A1 again, and it’ll be the Windows+Android variant

    • Agreed. I use the Voyo Vbook V3 with its 13.3 inch screen and it performs really well in my experience. It has the necessary ports, too. Chris wasn’t that impressed with it, but maybe I’ve been lucky. For just 142GBP in a flash sale at Gearbest, it was too good a bargain to resist. No regrets.

      • I was unlucky with my Onda oBook11 (Voyo A1) and my Voyo Vbook V3’s both had defects that were rather deal breaking for me. It’s all down to the Chinese tablet lottery.

      • I have the V3 too, from the latest batches. It truly is a really good laptop, but doesn’t feel as compact and snappy as the A1, despite having the same spects. Actually, my V3 has a Toshiba emmc card which throws better reading/writing speeds than the generic one in my A1. Yet the A1 is quicker to launch programs and loading web sites (not by much, but it is).
        However, after using both of them, the A1 with its 11.6″ feels like the best option for me. But I can’t really make a decition because I like them both a lot. I’m selling one this evening, and I’m letting my client decide which one I’ll keep eventually 🙂

    • It’s now $262, around $80 more than the Jumper EZbook 2 for 128GB eMMC, wireless AC and a full metal body. I’ll be reviewing a series of laptops from the Chinese brands looking for the best one. Mi Notebook Air, LiveFan S1 and maybe even this if it performs out. Such a shame there is no silver option. The Live fan S1 is also in this gold color…

      • I’m keeping an eye on your upcoming review of the LiveFan S1. I won’t be expecting great news about battery life, but the rest of spects are just crazy for the price 🙂

        As for the Jumper Air, the lack of a card reader and USB ports makes it almost a deal breaker for me. I might only get one if GB has it on flash sale at a very good price…

        I suggest your try the A1 sometime. I saw your review on the Obook11, but the A1 does not have any of the flaws your Onda had. I’m really pleased with it 🙂

      • They might come out with another colour later. Hey, whatever happened to the Chuwi Hi12 in that ghastly gold iteration? May it rest in pieces. LOL

  6. Hi Chris, I am in search of a netbook that I would be interested in a review, thanks

    • I ended up ordering one. I should have it next week. Got it because my Jumper Ezbook 2 got a lot of interest.

  7. To be honest I’d say to pass on this. Between the horrendous colour choice, incredible apparent downgrade with increased cost, and no chip upgrade (still using the same old Z8300, what’s wrong with upgrading the chip and asking a bit more) with the lack of ports does not seems that good of an option. Jumper, you are not Apple to pull off the BS, you are a budget option, so don’t expect to get away without including at least some basic IO, namely at least one extra USB asides one charging port the headphone and SD expansion slot.

    If you really are looking for Chinese gadgets for review Chris, (seeing you are considering reviewing this) as ridiculous as it may sound, why don’t you do some shop seeing in banggood/gearbest for tech gadgets, either highly related to tablets/phones or less related to them and pick whatever catches your eye? IDK, periphehals, like bluetooth headsets or mice, maybe a projector, a smartwatch, or an action cam, or maybe neither of these and something else.

  8. Interesting… “Atom X5 Z8300, 4GB of RAM. ” and intel’s specs sheet says: Atom X5 Z8300 processor – Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 2 GB

    • Yes, 2GB DDR3. But 4GB DDR3L single channel does work just fine. Intel should update there ARK info.

      • Funny that since the Z8300 came out, people comment everywhere that it only supports 2GB. I think you should add a “4GB single channel is supported” in every article 🙂

  9. Metal build, tick. Wireless AC, tick. 128GB storage, tick. In gold and only one port, no thanks! Please review Onda Obook12 360 degree hinge tablet hybrid.

    • I have the Onda oBook 12 on order, not sure when it will finally come out. I’ll wait a month more before I cancel and put that cash towards something else. The first batch did have some major high pitch noises coming from the IPS according to OKQI seller on Aliexpress. The refused all the first batch it was that bad.

  10. Thank you for the great work.
    I personally prefer a review on the XIAOMI Mi Notebook Air 13.3

    Thanks in advance

  11. I’d rather be experimented on by drunk aliens than live with that colour, but to each his own. Personally, I’d love to see you do more ‘how to’ videos; to enhance and make the most new or existing gear. Yep, share those skills of yours, Chris. For example, you do amazing mods and things. Also, you mentioned that there is a Windows 10 Anniversary update that many of us are still waiting on. Is there a way of getting it now? Either way, you do a great job and it’s because of you why I became aware of electronic goodies from China. Indeed, my PC on/off button broke two weeks ago, so my Chuwi Hi12 has been acting as my desktop replacement ever since and it’s just the best. I’m still waiting on you to discover the Hi12 killer, because that will be an exciting event. Other than that, I’m still loving my Teclast X98 3G and Voyo Vbook V3, although I know you had a problem or two with your sample of the latter. Oh, I’ve also noticed that prices are slowly going up. I got my Chuwi for just 149GBP, and paid just 142GBP for the Voyo just a few months ago. Both machines are now close or above 2000GBP. Hmm, looks like China has got wise. Of course, the low price is a huge part of why their stuff is so compelling, so let’s hope that this doesn’t become too much of an issue going forward. Thanks again. Looking forward to future reviews.

    • Correction: *200GBP NOT 2000

      • I’m afraid (for you) that’s at least party a Brexit effect. The GBP has decreased a lot in value compared to the US$ and EURO.

        • haha, also better check spelling: party = partly

        • Hmm, don’t get me started on that Brexit nonsense. David Cameron really landed us in a fine old mess. Ah well, life goes on. Just as well I don’t have any plans to travel abroad at present. End up affording to stay in a tent instead of a hotel haha.

    • Correction: …make the most of our new or existing gear.
      Lesson for me: Read my posts before sending.

    • My LiveFan S1 ultrabook is in this color 🙁 I’m willing to put up with it if the rest of the unit is good, looks okay 8GB of RAM, Core M, 2k matte display and easy to replace SSD. I’ll have a how-to video coming out soon on getting the maximum performance from your Atom. Just some obvious tweaks and some not like tweaking the RAM timings and speed if possible.

      I’ve seen the prices are increasing slightly, I think it’s more the retailers cashing in on the increased popularity of certain models. The other thing is your pound has weakened a lot since the EU exit vote, so you will see more of an increase than me. I always keep an eye on the USD value. Not EUR or GBP.

  12. I’m more interested in the reviews of 2 in 1 dual boot tablets because I plan to buy one instead of a laptop. More than laptops, I’d like to see more reviews of USB 3.0 and 3.1 accessories. You’ve done a great job with testing some of these devices and testing to see if USB ports work at 3.0 speeds has been a part of the tablet reviews that I really appreciate since I am replacing my USB 2.0 accessories with USB 3.0 devices.

    • I’ll have more of them. The Chuwi Vi10 Plus and the HiBook Pro.

  13. Interested to see what the build quality is like on this and also how the battery holds up. More and more options for ‘macbook’ like laptops are becoming available which is great!

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