Jumper EZBook 3 – Apollo Lake Successor To EZBook 2

Jumper EZBook 3 – Apollo Lake Successor To EZBook 2

The EZBook 2 I reviewed back in June 2016, turn out to be an okay Atom Cherry Trail 14″ laptop for the price. Now Jumper has updated this model, with the new up and coming EZBook 3. It’s powered by an Apollo Lake Celeron N3350, this is a dual core. Not the typical N3450 quad core, so interesting to see how this will affect performance. It’s a 2 core / 2 threads only SoC, so no hyper threading. I think the N3450 s used in the Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 & Onda Xiaoma 41 might have been a better choice.

It has 4GB of RAM (DDR3) 64GB eMMC and a 14.1″ 1080p IPS screen. 2 x USB 3.0 ports and mini HDMI out. There is also a MicroSD slot for storage use.  Gearbest has it listed for $309, with a shipping date of approx the 2nd of Feb.

My Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 is due to arrive in the next day or two, a very similar laptop to this one. Wonder how they will compare? Any interest in a review of this one (If I can)

Jumper EZBook 3 press images

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  1. At geekbuying is about $50 cheaper at $249

  2. i just hope they will definiltely drop the 16:9 form factor for a more human friendly 16:10 at least

  3. Main break point in Chuwi LapBook 14.1 could be the RAM freqency. It’ll be nuts to still mount 1066 MHz ones but who knows.

    • I’ll find out this week. I hope it’s 1600Mhz like it is on the Voyo V1 mini PC and Voyo Vbook V3 N4200.

    • Confirmed 1600Mhz, dual channel (two x 2GB config) and a free M.2 SSD slot for upgrades. No So dimm slots. RAM is soldered in.

  4. Yes, please make a comparison between these devices! I’m especially interested in the performance of the Chuwi Lapbook 14,1 inch. Seem like a very good buy to me.

    • I should have the Chuwi 14.1 this week.

      • Hi Chris,

        that’s great to hear! I’ve ordered one aswell and am really curious. In my opinion the EZBook 3 has two major flaws compared to the Lapbook 14.1: no dualband wifi and only a dualcore CPU. Furthermore, the Chuwi appears to be upgradeable to 8 GBs of RAM. Compared to my EZBook 2, it’s even another 100 grams lighter and should be more compact due to the slim 8mm screen bezels. Right now, the Lapbook 14.1 is on sale for around 226€ at Gearbest which seems a good deal on paper so far.

        • Hi, I just got my Lapbook 14.1 today. So far I’m impressed with it and believe its one of the best budget laptops you can get for $249. The N3450 is much faster than the Atom X7 Z8750 and I opened it up too. No upgradable RAM. Gearbest have their facts wrong, but there is an empty SSD slot (M.2 sata3 2242 fits) And this is great if you upgrade to an SSD and use it as boot it will be much quicker. RAM is clocked to 1600Mhz and dual channel and the build is solid. So far it’s great, I can find no real flaws. Unboxing video coming soon on it.

          • Now that sounds amazing, Chris!

            I’m glad that mine got dispatched today from Gearbest aswell. Considering it’s only about 50-60€ more expensive than my good ole EZBook 2 but still better in every regard apart from the battery, that sounds almost too good to be true. The soldered RAM doesn’t really bother me, but hearing that it is indeed dual channel with 1600 Mhz makes me feel like this might be a very solid machine for the money. I’m especially curious about the IPS screen compared to the non-IPS Jumper EzBook 2 screen, which was already quite nice.

            Really looking forward to your unboxing and review video.

        • hello, I was planning to actually buy the CHUWI LapBook Notebook with the Intel Apollo Lake chip, instead of the jumper.
          but then I came across the specs, and its saying, that the jumper is 1,3 kg, while the chuwi is 1,7 kg.

          SO i was wondering, which Chuwi you are talking about, since you said: it’s even another 100 grams lighter

          could you please kindly clarify?

  5. Onda Xiaoma 41 is already available to buy on Ali.

    Do you plan to buy one?

    • I think I will soon. Maybe get it in New Zealand. Juts a bit concerned as Onda, the last ones I got have been flops. Buggy and poor build.

  6. Think I’d spare myself a review of this one if I were you–unless it was significantly cheaper than the Chuwi 14.1.

    Seems like a worse machine in every way. (Even more than the cheaper processor, the single RAM slot counts as a strike against it. The possibility of 8 GB RAM makes the Chuwi much rarer on the current $200 landscape.)

    • I think only if I can get a discount coupon off it from one of the retailers if I was to review it I would.

    • The Onda Xiaoma 41 might be a better choice for a review. Seems like the same, but N3450 and in gold.

  7. Chuwi, Onda, EZbook. Apollo lake video??

  8. Interested in a review / comparison of them 3 😉

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