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Deals: Xiaomi Mi Notebook for Only $479

Deals: Xiaomi Mi Notebook for Only $479

Oh, how pricing falls once an item is over 6 months old. When I reviewed the Mi Notebook 12.5 back in August I think I paid something like $649 for it on release. It’s still my main travel notebook, one of the best Core M3 notebooks still and at $479, that’s a really good deal even if it is the last gen Core M3-6Y30 version. It’s not worth it I feel going for the revised Mi Notebook 12.5, with the Core M3-7Y30, which is about 14% more powerful, but still 4GB of RAM and not priced at $250 more. I would save that cash and upgrade it with a PCIe SSD. My Mi Notebook 12.5″ re-review is below, the $479 deal is limited to only 130 units.

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  1. 430 Euro, good price,

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