Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter (M365) Review

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter (M365) Review

Another highly requested item for me to review since its release. I waited for the price to drop and also my interest in the item peaked after permit only parking was introduced where I have the apartment. The Xiaomi M365 scooter or Xiaomi Mijia Scooter it’s called is an electric scooter with a claimed range of up to 30kms. It’s got two air fill rubber 8.6″ tires, 250w front hub motor (peaks at 500watts) The battery capacity is 280Wh, takes 5 hours to fully charge. Overall I’m really enjoying this scooter, it’s not perfect but the main thing is it’s stable, easy to ride and very well design with a great build quality. I got this in the end from Gearbest, here is the listing. Coupon JUANM365 lowers the price to $349.

One thing that bugs me is the claimed range of 30kms. I guess that my range using it will be around 15kms max on normal mode and about 18 km’s on the eco mode setting. Xiaomi must have used a flat test track oval, found the smallest lightest child around to ride on it and all on a wind free day to achieve that 30kms!

The another issue is the tires, just like any bike they are susceptible to being punctured. I found out today first hand! Just my second day with it somehow I managed to pick up a rose thorn in the front tire and was left to walk 20 minutes pushing it. As a mountain biker, I swear by those anti-puncture inner tube liquid solutions. So of to the bike shop to buy a some Slime. I added it to both wheels, pumped it up and it sealed the hole from the thorn. Now that it’s in both tubes it should protect me against any further flats. It’s not 100% failsafe, but better than nothing. Failing that, there is always the option of installing two hard rubber tires but this sacrifices some ride comfort as the air inner tubes absorb a lot of the bumps and rough surfaces.

My disk brake was poorly aligned, barely working and had to be fixed. The issue was the inner brake pad which I thought might be missing, was just wound out too far. The small allen key screw that locks it in place loosened in transit and this was the source of the problem. I had to realign and screw it in more. Now fixed, the scooter brakes really well, much better than in the above review.

Some further info on the Xiaomi scooter:

  • Easy to ride feels stable and gives you a lot of confidence. Never felt like I’m going to come off yet.
  • The weakest part is the tires as explained, prone to flats.
  • Once the battery runs out it can be used like a manual scooter, just a heavier version of it.
  • Kinetic recharging of the battery via the motor acting as a generator does work. I went down a big downhill and gain 3% battery (1km according to the app)
  • The application you need is called Ninebot Segway on Google Play.
  • Braking is reactive using the motor and rear disk brake.
  • Spares for the Xiaomi scooter are on Aliexpress (Wheels, disk brake pads, and tires etc)
  • Check with your local council if an electric scooter is legal or if you need insurance.
  • I got it from Gearbest, zero taxes to pay, took 15 days to arrive via the UK to Spain. The price included shipping.
  • The scooter can handle small cracks in the road, bumps etc, little holes. Just not big pot holes.
  • It’s not for jumps, low clearance means even jumping down a curb could be risky. Stick to the smooth surfaces!
  • When it rains I will test the braking in the wet and how the grip of the tires feels. Since it doesn’t rain much here it might be a while.
  • My unit is firmware 1.3.1 the latest and would suggest this is one of the latest builds. Not the first models which had a battery issue.
  • Economy mode limits the acceleration and top speed. In return, it does make the battery last longer. But it’s not as fun.

I first paid $449 pbut it’s now selling for $349 at Gearbest, with coupon JUANM365 I’m overall happy that there were no customs fees involved.

Ordered the 15th as seen below. It was then delivered on the 30th of May with no damage. Not bad at all, came via the UK.

Images of the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter:

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  1. Original Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter is available at a promotional price 341$, with promo coupon “11.11GB192”, check out here: https://www.gearbest.com/skateboard/pp_596618.html?lkid=11860102

  2. is it comfortable also for someone who is 185 cm tall ? Or is it too small for such people ?

    • I’m 183 cm tall and find it fine. My friend is taller around 184-185 and he had no issues with it. The handle bar is high and it’s made for adults.

  3. It’s now $379 with coupon GBXMSTE, just order one for a friend.

  4. Gearbest Hong Kong, $420 using code XMHK01

  5. Hi Guys. Good review. I’m looking at an m365 but they are nearly impossible to get shipped to NZ (unless you want to pay US$400 shipping). I have found one for sale locally, but it’s a generation 1. I can’t find anything specific online about the battery issues you mention. Does anyone know if the battery issue is a physical hardware or firmware issue – given I can update the firmware.


  6. Just ordered mine from Gearbest, I’m currently using a regular kick scooter and since I use it intensively and daily on my commutes, the M365 should be very helpful. With the new coupon the price is downright unbeatable. Will report on how it fares when it reaches me, might take while since I chose snailmail shipping to try dodging customs 😉

    • Let us know how you get on with your one. I’m using mine daily over 60kms now done on it with my small commute from the parking to the office. Once I put the Slime in the inner tubes it’s been fine now, not one flat tire since.

  7. You could consider filling the tyres with polyurethane foam to make ’em unpuncturable, in the US you can buy bike tyres that’re already done, the specification of the foam to mimic different air pressures. My boss did the same with the low-pressure tubeless balloon tyres on his ride-on mower, which fell off the rims if he walloped a stump, but not now.

    • So far the Slime additive in the tubes is holding up really well. No more punctures, the stuff is really good. I’ve pulled thorns, small stables from my tires on my mountain bike and never got a flat.

  8. Hi Chris,
    I’m using Mi Scooter for a month. I connected mine to Mi Home App as all Mi devices. Appear as a new group Bluetooth device. After >120 km away, I can tell that battery capacity meter is quite strange. Please check that after stop, if you will be waiting 3-5 minutes doing nothing, battery raise up by 2-4%. More can be achieved by simply walking with online scooter.
    I made some tests on the same track with very unfriendly conditions (strong wind during half track).
    Normal mode: 6 to 12% (with the wind / against the wind)
    Eco mode: 4,5% to 6 % ( same track, same conditions).
    I noticed that battery percentage meter drained much quicker when it is near 100% then after < 50%.

    • I’ve noticed it also go up and increase in % when not doing much. So it is a little all over the place and also charging it from so 95% to 100% takes so long compared to when it’s charging at lower rates. I have a feeling the reading is off, maybe as the battery has a reserve. So when it shows 10%, it’s really 20%

      I’ve done over 50kms on it now and so far really impressed, just these minor quirks about it. But I’m certain that if the Mi Scooter 2 is released I’ll check it out if its better.

      • I don’t think it is a strange behavior. The battery meter uses battery voltage to identify the remaining charge. When a very high current draw is applied, the voltage will drop no matter what, so after the load is gone, the voltage will go to the correct value.

        Also, stuff to keep in mind when you are testing the range: 1) Are the tires well inflated? (Softer tires are more confortable to ride, but the rubber will absorb a lot of energy and convert it to heat) 2) Did you cycle battery few times to allow them to reach maximum capacity?

        • This is why I’m going to have an update video after a few battery cycles and put somes kms on it. Yes, the tires came with 2 bar. I have a much harder 3.5. Even so I can see that 30kms is impossible. Might be able to get 20kms in Eco mode.

  9. thanks for a useful review.

    is the unit sealed, or are you able to look at the controller circuit and the battery pack to see how serviceable they are? in a previous post the idea of swapping out the batteries came up, particularly if Xiaomi have used cheap batteries which degrade quickly.

    • I’ve seen in others videos that it’s all replaceable. The bottom panel comes off, then you can unscrew unplug the seal batteries and replacement. I think they were LG chem cells so should be good. They haven’t used cheap ones.

  10. Thanks for the review, looks fun.

    The paragraph starting ‘As a mountain biker’ is in twice, must have been a tiring night!

    • Argh, don’t know how that happened. The whole sentence in there twice, it’s not like I wrote it twice!

  11. “anti puncher” – yes, definitely want a way to stop people punching you 😉

    • At least I got it right the first time I wrote it. Typo corrected, thanks. The lack of sleep is showing. Up to 2am editing that review video 😐

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