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Deals: Jumper EZBook 3 Pro $229 & Mi Notebook Air 13 $669

Deals: Jumper EZBook 3 Pro $229 & Mi Notebook Air 13 $669

A couple of new deals have popped up, the EZBook 3 Pro is now cheaper. The current king of the Apollo Lake laptops is now reduced down to $229 with coupon BOOKPRO. This is almost as good as the first $219 flash sale and the lowest it has been since then. The EZbook 3 Pro is a full metal 6GB 13.3 laptop running Windows 10 Home with a Celeron N3450. It has 6GB of RAM, a 64GB eMMC and Intel wireless AC. The screen is 1080p and it even has an M.2 SSD slot inside for upgrading the storage speed and capacity.

Xiaomi’s 2016 Mi Notebook Air 13 is also reduced to $669 with coupon GBAir13. I’m currently using the 2017 model which has a faster CPU and GPU but is exactly like this model only the new one is currently $889. For those that don’t plan to game much on it getting the $220 cheaper 2016 model seems a logical choice. Xiaomi doesn’t make it with the i5 6200U anymore, so once this one runs out of stock. Only the 2017 model will be available.

Make sure you check my review of that one.


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  1. I ordered an EzBook3Pro anyway as I needed it. I couldn’t find any coupons which would drop the price, most put it up!
    I used topcashback to get 3% off as a new customer. Also got another few £ off for using paypal. Then I’ll get a % or two for using Amex card which also gives cashback. Hopefully the final effective price to me will be about £180.

    I’m budgeting to replace the eMMC with something faster.

  2. sadly, code expired.

  3. Chris, can i get you to run a Geekbench4 Compu test on the new Xiaomi air 12 you reviewing these days.
    I did saw your unboxing +1 and Geekbench4 run, there where impressiv scores, but would love to see where the CoreM5 lands on iGPU wise.
    Thx in reverse.. 🙂

  4. It’s only showing up as 249 on a flash sale for me. Adding the coupon code bumps the price up to 290 something. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone… I’ll try to check online once I’m in front of a computer.

    • I figured it out. I have previously purchased on at the $249.99 “Flash Sale” price. If I log in to GB with a different email address, then the Promo Code is valid and drops the price to $229.99

      • Thanks bill, I thought coupon already expired when that happened
        Managed to grab 2 units.

  5. Hey Chris, do you have a coupon for the Jumper EzBook 3 Plus aswell? I’m dying to get a good price on it. It’s currently on a flash sale on Gearbest for around 380€, which might be an okay price. Still, I’d like to see something around 350€ maybe? That one really got my interest with the quad speakers, 8 GB RAM, Core M3, large trackpad and actual SSD in there!

    • I’m waiting for a promotion code too

    • I couldn’t find one on the internet searching. I also wanted a code, but just got it now on the flash sale.

      • Thanks for your reply! Do you as a professional reviewer think that this is a reasonable price for the specs?
        I’m still thinking about getting one as well.

      • Have you gotten the Plus yet? 🙂

        • Still hasn’t shipped out. Looking like 2 week of September now. 🙁

          • To bad. 🙁
            I managed to found a coupon though, discount of 10 dollars with the code EZBOOK3P
            I really want to buy this but I’m not willing until I get some review. 🙁

          • Yeah, my order was also postponed around a week now. The customer support will however cancel my order and refund on my GB wallet, so I can apply the coupon code, which saves $10. That’s not too bad. Still, really a shame they happily take your money like three weeks in advance and can’t ship because there is no stock.

            I guess it might have to do with Jumper’s recent popularity. They really skyrocketed in the last year for tech savvy people like us and could have a hard time to supply so much stock now.

          • Yeah, thinking of maybe buying from the offical Jumper store instead, it’s more expensive but maybe faster? Says they are shipping 28 of August. I’m just afraid that there is the 48hz screen, if so it will be useless to me. 😀

          • Yes, that might be faster but then you would have to consider the taxes, since you are the direct importer of the commodity.

            I mean you never know, but I HIGHLY doubt they’ll use a 48Hz screen on such a better specced device. Even on their Jumper Ezbooks of half the price they’ve always used 60 Hz displays. That would really surprise me if they did that.

          • Just got a reply from the Jumper store and the guy claimed it had 60hz screen. Dammit, I’l buy it now, If the shippings times are this long I might get a chance to cancel it when chris’s review is out. 🙂

          • Great that you got a response that quickly.

            Yes, the spec including the Core M3, 8GB of RAM and 128 GB SSD is just way too tempting for that price, considering the fantastic metal build quality of the recent devices such as the Ezbook 3 Pro.

            Glad that we got a confirmation for the screen now. Hopefully it’s an AOD brand one, these were very nice on the Lapbook 14.1 with good color reproduction.

          • Wow, never shopped from GB before but my order now says “packed”. 🙂

  6. When it was at 219 it was with ac Wi-Fi already?

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