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Getting The Most Out Of Your Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4

Getting The Most Out Of Your Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4

I get a lot of comments, emails and messages on the popular EZBook 3 Pro. Questions like how can I clone over the Windows 10 install on the eMMC drive to my new SSD. And how to install a larger SSD size like 2260 or 2280. And my heatsink mod has been requested a lot for this model. I finally got around to doing it. And the results are nothing sort of stunning. In my testing max temperatures were 59 degrees C on the CPU after 25 minutes of gaming.

Now, this was with the power limit off and the chipset peaking as high as 15 watts almost. Before the copper shim and thermal pad, it would reach 84 degrees C after 25 minutes and higher the longer it was pushed hard gaming. I do realise some of the newest units aren’t shipping with the power limit setting unlocked in the bios. There is a software way around that using RW everything to remove the power limit or set it at say 10W. And now Throttlestop supports the Apollo Lake, finally!

A few other tweaks to help reduce the cool white look of the 1080p IPS, volume boost, and new SSD partitioning. It’s still selling for as low as $209 USD (Coupon EZBDUK) for UK buyers and for the rest of us right now it’s $229 here, it was about $219 a week ago. The only issue is it will take a few weeks to ship out. Mine took over 3 weeks from ordering to receiving it. So very slow. It seems Jumper cannot meet the demand on this laptop.

Everything is below in the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro video tutorial:

Video index:

  • 01:40 – Adding an SSD
  • 03:40 – eMMC to SSD cloning
  • 05:11 – Bios tweaks (eMMC & power limit)
  • 06:34 – Copper heatsink mod
  • 10:09 – Heatsink mod results
  • 10:52 – Misc tweaks
  • 13:16 – Tweak recap.

Links to apps and further info on this model:

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  1. A few days ago I had to wipe and reinstall windows from scratch because windows update went wrong.
    I had no problems installing Windows 10 Fall Creators edition, WiFi worked out of the box. I found the audio drivers and they installed ok.
    What I can’t find are the drivers to control screen brightness. Please can anyone help?

  2. Will Chris’s tweaks regarding eMMC, SSD, and BIOS still work on a latter version? V5/V6? Mine is somewhere in the postal system. Also, does anyone have a list of reasonably priced SSDs?

    • Meaning a list of SSDs that will definitely work in the current version of the EZbook 3? Do some SSDs work in some of the version of this laptop but not in others?

  3. I just recieved my v4, it has a Scandisk rather than the Ncard, but but BIOS is locked i have no advanced options. Is there a way to unlock the BIOS ??

    • I have the same issue, BIOS does not show advanced options. How do you unlock it?

  4. Auto hotkey lets you map keys and generate an exe to run at startup. I don’t have it but someone posted an exe for hibook pro that solved the windows “swipe. down” gesture rubbish. Would fix page down

  5. Hey, whats the max speed for the ssd?
    Can i put the best one on out there and get the full speeds?
    Which one should i get? Thanks

    • max is about 550 reads and 500 writes with 512GB drives. The lower the size, the slower the writes will be on the 2242 drives due to fewer flash chips.

      • If i use a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 500GB with 3.200 / 1.900 MB/s
        I dont get any of that? it just caps on 550 read and 500 writes?

        • These Apollo Lake laptops uses a SATA3 interface, not PCI-express bus. Thus you’re limited to saturated an M.2 **SATA3** with any SSDs.

          Problem is, if you’re willing to spend

        • These Apollo Lake laptops uses a SATA3 interface, not PCI-express bus. Thus you’re limited to saturated an M.2 **SATA3** with any SSDs on the market.

          Problem is, if you’re willing to spend that much for a sweet ssd, might as well spend $400+ on a laptop that supports the M.2 **pci-e x4** interface

          That said the best ssd for these laptops would probably the Samsung 850 evo M.2-SATA3 2280-formfactor with a bit of chassis modding.

  6. I turned my laptop into the Chuwi Chromebook 12.3 with Chrome OS lol. It’s lightweight ultra-fast and runs cooler.

    Set the Bios boot to Linux. Everything is detected on Chuwi 12.3, even my bluetooth mouse, using the free Neverware Chrome OS build. https://www.neverware.com/

    Caveat is… it’s Chrome OS lol and not much else! But then again, I mainly use Gmail, Youtube, Twitch, Google Docs and Spreadsheets alot so it’s perfect for users like me who are constantly connected to wifi. 😉

  7. Hi Chris

    Is stacking copper heatsinks on top of each other a good idea? My idea is somewhat like this:
    CPU+0.3mm heatsink+0.3mm heatsink+0.3mm heatsink… with paste between them.
    Is it effective, or I should search more for a 1mm thick heatsink?

    And also, I think we should start a topic about what we want from the next laptops in the future (see: gemini lake generation)…
    And sorry if I’m just a technical noob… 🙂 It’s time to leave that old IBM desktop…
    Your videos are great 🙂

    • You would be better off with just a thicker shim. I might post an article on that. What we want to see for 2018’s line up of Gemini Lake and hopefully dual-boot tablet’s Windows ARM & Android 8.0

  8. Is there any news on improving the speed of the V4 generic Ncard eMMC with some sort of tweak or script??

    • Nothing, I’ve tried on mine and it’s still about 90 mb/s reads max. Any of the HS200 or HS400 settings will cause a BSOD.

  9. Just to inform Chris. Latest rc kernel 4.14 *4.14.0-041400rc7* solved the touchpad problem.

  10. is it possible to set up page up/page down? the keyboard doesn’t have those keys, is there a work round? or am I being dumb?

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