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Alfawise Tab Review Now Online

Alfawise Tab Review Now Online

The Alfawise Tab review is now online. This is basically the same exact tablet as the JDTab J01 I reviewed last year, but it’s got stock Android 6.0 and it’s around half the price. Turned out to be a great tablet for the price, great build quality and overall a premium 4:3 ratio screen tablet for the price. The review with a rating out of 10 and Pros & Cons is here: Alfawise Tab Review.

Below is the full detailed review:


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  1. Desperate for a less than 10.1″ LTE tablet with a 64GB or greater ROM storage (without help from any type of card) – Android.

    Is there such a device?

  2. Looks awesome but how can I flash say Android 7.1 or Android 8.1 ROM On it?

    • Not sure, try somewhere like XDA developers. If the bootloader is unlocked you might be able to flash it or if someone can come up with a ROM for it.

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