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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Bios Voltage Undervolt Patcher

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Bios Voltage Undervolt Patcher

The newer bios on Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Pro blocked us out of the Intel XTU voltage setting. Meaning you couldn’t undervolt the CPU in – 0.080 or 0.090 volts to lower temps and increase performance. Well, some Russians have come up with the solution to patch the bios to allow access. This is for bios 0502 and 0603. Mi Notebook Pro only, I would not risk it on the 13″ 8th Gen 8250U and 8550U models you could brick the bios.

Rainfaker in the Xiaomi Reddit r/Xiaomi community posted this the patch here. It’s a simple matter of running a batch file with admin privileges and then restarting it.

Thank you, Brandon, for the info!

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  1. Sorry if this question is a little dumb but I might aswell ask here. Does undervolting also increases battery life? Or underclocking and undervolting are not even the same?

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