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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Bios 0401 SSD Fix & Unlocked XTU Settings

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro Bios 0401 SSD Fix & Unlocked XTU Settings

I took a risk with this one, ordered this unit 3 weeks ago and struck it lucky, this is one of the newer models of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro and it comes with bios 0401. Why is this important? Well if you caught my review of the Mi Notebook Pro the SSD slot was only running at x2 speed on both SSD slots, so it never let the Samsung PM961 256GB NVMe run at full x4 speed. Limiting reads to around 1800MB/s and not the 3000Mb/s plus the SSD can do.

There is a fix here, flashing bios 0300 or 0502 will fix this SSD port speed issue so one of the main SSD slot will run at x4 speed and the other x2 speed PCIe. However, Xiaomi locked out the Power Limit and Voltage control of the CPU in these later bios versions. Maybe to stop anyone cooking the laptop or crashing it? Still, it’s a stupid move if you ask me. However, there are two versions that has the best of both worlds, for now and that is bios version 0401 and 0301. (0301 is rarer and 0401 is common from current stock) Also, 0502 with a locked TDP is now in the hands of a lot of users in China..

Unfortunately, it seems there is no flashable version of this bios (yet), it’s down to luck if you get 0401 or 0301. If you’re not worried about unlocked power limits and don’t plan on increasing them or undervolting then this isn’t an issue as the main thing is to have the SSD slot speed fix. But people like myself, I like to have maximum performance and really push that CPU hard it’s now a lottery as to whether you’ll get this bios or 0502 on the new models. So there you have it I can confirm that bios 0401 does have the SSD fix plus the unlocked Intel XTU advanced tab as seen on my quick video above.

I managed to grab this Mi Notebook Pro for $829 / 670 euros, before the Chinese New year price increase from Xiaomi. The best price I’ve found now for this is sadly a bit more expensive at $849 with this link here. If you’re in Europe the slower free postage methods normally arrive without any taxes. I went with EU priority shipping, it took 15 days but no import taxes to pay.

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  1. Somebody on Reddit reposted a script from a Russian which unlocks their mi notebook pro laptop voltage.
    I have installed it and have also managed to change the voltage on BIOS 0603.

  2. the charger is only 65w, if u add extra 20w to the cpu, the power supply would be insufficient

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for taking your time to do all these great reviews!

    In regards to the notebook pro 15.6 I have a question:

    Will the i7 version perform better now that the 4 NVMe works as it should? or will it still just perform slightly better then the i5? and it all just come down to if you need 16gb ram or not.

    • It will only be slightly faster if that on the i7. That version I would get only if you need the 16GB of RAM, if not the 8GB model is just as fast and so much cheaper!

  4. Are not on call with the beat for the moment, on these Xiaomi Air bios but what about the old MI air 13, with skylake but v2 with also PM961.. that one also tops out around 1800mb read when testing with 1GB files in crystaldiskmark, though I’m getting 1500mbps on write.
    But certainly also signs that this version perhaps is limited to x2 on the main read speeds.
    was that even sorted, as they drive clearly are +3000mbps able and obviously not limitations when hitting 1500mb write on that 256gb native drive.
    Did that get sorted, I recall the newe kabylake with same pm961 drive, didn’t have this limit, it wasn’t before Mi pro we again saw around 1800mb read. so it seems obvious there is also some limitations in play here and exacts same drive as all the new Xiaomi air laptops. if any got info or solution to this or just own experience, please share..! thx guys.

    • Hi, so the Air 13″ models also have this issue then. Try to find a bios update that should fix this. As my 2018 i5 8250U model had no issues the PM9761 runs over 3100 MB/s reads which is its maximum speed.

      • Yes, its the old Mi air13 one with A06 bios.
        I got the Skylake/940MX but vers.2 Bios A06 with bios date 28/10 2016 there also got the fast PM961 as native 256GB drive and the sharp IPS panel and its not the v1 MI ari13 you reviewed there got Bios A05 skylake/940MX with samsung and PM951 drive with awfull write speeds..

        I reckon all these bios there is being talked about as 302 < 401 < 502 etc, I recall those all seems to be Notebook pro bios?

        Was there ever a bios for my version there is still on A06 28/10 2016 and a bios there got full advantage of that PM961 drive, since it also tops out a 1800read while the PM961 should be able to do +3000.

        (the other drive presents in the above HWinfo dump, is just a cheap 100USD M.2 512GB sata3 in the second m.2 slot)

        • Do you know where to find the bios update for the 2017 model ? my bios is A05 🙁

          • No I dont know, I had hope that Chris Techtablets, perhaps had the info if there was a bios for the old Mi air13 Skylake/940mx that could open the x2 to x4 on main read and reach +3000 on the NVme drive PM961 256gb
            atm im topping out at 1600 to 1800mbps.

        • Sorry no info on a bios for the 13″ model.

  5. It’s possible for you to backup your current bios?

    • There is a dump of it here: https://techtablets.com/xiaomi-mi-notebook-pro/downloads/ and other bios versions.

      • How can i Flash the dumpfile of 0401? Same way as flashing the bios vers.?

      • How can i Flash aus dump file?

      • Hi, Chris!
        Please tell me manual for downgrade version BIOS XMAKB5R0P0502 to XMAKB5R0P0401 from your dump.
        How big are the risks?

        • Risks are too great, it’s untested flashing this and could brick the bios. Resulting in a dead notebook. I hope there will be a flashable 0401 bios soon, but it’s yet to show up.

          • Thanks, then I will not)
            Prompt then how much can increase the “Turbo boost short power” without lowering “the core voltage offset”, and do not burn at this fee.
            I only boosted it up to 20W and experienced a performance increase!

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