T-Bao Tbook K5 – A Rose EZBook X4 With 8GB RAM

T-Bao Tbook K5 – A Rose EZBook X4 With 8GB RAM

We finally have a second 8GB RAM Gemini Lake laptop out of China, but there is a catch – it’s in Rose/Pink only. T-Bao’s Tbook K5 looks to be using the Jumper EZBook X4’s design, no doubt the same ODM with the same backlit keyboard, HDMI 2.0, large touchpad and 14.1″ 1080p screen. It’s listed as an IPS. 1920 x 1080 screen and not a TN like the first EZBook X4 models.

And like the EZBook X4 it has Wireless AC, BT 4.1 and a 2280 size M.2 SSD slot. It comes with a 128GB drive installed and runs Windows 10 Home. Two USB 3.0 ports, 8000mAh battery. Now if T-Bao could just release a silver or better yet dark grey model? It’s due to ship next month and sells for a pricey $349 USD at Bangood.

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  1. This Notebook has all I want N4100, 8GB RAM, 15″ IPS Screen, backlit keyboard and a decent sized Battery (Where did you get your Battery info, some stores say it only has 4000mAh instead of you mentioned 8000mAh) but this colour.<.< Well, can't find it for reasonable price (maybe someone has a seller, I am from Germany) or otherwise it would be too tempting and I would end up with a pink notebook ha ha

    • mercel, ips is 14 not 15, and if not like color, just use spray can, can have every color u want. I made pc with granit look. or use pvc foil and make wooden look, maybe bamboo, very modern and super cool.

  2. gearbest has it under Tbook 5
    shipping end of November price now $312.99 or €275.12
    same model ips, 8GB 128GB
    no preorder yet, only like

    • Shipping dates have slipped out big time on all the 14nm products as Intel has a shortage. Seems to have no affected Teclast. Chuwi was the first to report the issue I think with the Laptop SE and Lapbook Pro (Unreleased due to this)

      • what happened to all the cheap (fanless?) AMD processors what were promised last year?
        BIG let down.

    • shipping of non existent pc now back to December with 3 weeks minimum shipping. wait until next year, than maybe somebody did real test.

  3. Chris, can you position the T-Bao brand somewhere with their quality? They are between Teclast and Cube?

  4. Ahhhhhhhhh the difference in taste. Black, gray and silver for the strong male masses.
    I had for a short time a rose and gold colored sony, if was a thing of beauty, even the metal keys were rose colored.
    It was badly scratched up on the lid and the sides and cashconverters did not even clean it. I had it for 3 days and when I did the prime95 it died. Sure I got my money back but never found this model in these colors ever again.
    A color does something in combination with a design, just look at the same cars with different paint jobs. One is meh and the other gorgeous.
    I for my part love the color even I am not a girl and not gay. (well today with all this gender confusion you never know)
    I was hunting for something like that for a long time.
    For me color has to do with creativity and the right colors just bring me in the right mood. But then, I never claimed to be normal.
    If the thermals are right and the screen, keyboard and trackpad is ok than I could be a customer.

    • if you look at the posted conflicting technical data, it can be either a TN or IPS screen, the material is shown as plastic. it has no AB wireless, just bgn and the product weight is 1.8 kg and just 0.9mm high
      point 4.shows 14.1 inch TN FHD IPS Screen with 1920 x 1080 Resolution

      • it also has a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model (or at least a girl in skimpy underwear with angel wings) sitting on a unicorn on the screen, what is not to like? – I also saw a price from $280 without specs and $385 with a 256 GB m.2
        Remember all the gender discussion in the US and other countries? With a pink computer you as a male might have peace from the feminist harpies and the LGBT… screamers. – just an idea 😉

  5. there is a N4100 based laptop featuring 8GB ram, 13.3″ IPS display, NO eMMC,
    color silver
    it’s the Zeuslap

    • Mind you, it has 8Gb of DDR3 memory. Where as the ones from Jumper, Teclast and this one use the newer and faster DDR4.

      • THANKS
        I didn’t noticed.
        Anyway the new MacBook AIR from Apple is out
        featuring shrinked bezels and bigger touchpad
        Let’s hope the Chinese manufacturers hurry to copy (expecially the 16:10 form factor display!!!)

  6. I would have loved 2x usb-c ports each with both video out and power-in

  7. Oh man, I don’t want to sound disrespectful but there is something definitely wrong with asians concept of aesthetics. The computer looks horrible. I hope they also release a gray version of it.

    • I agree, in a dark grey it would have looked much better. Hopefully, they will have a normal edition in silver at least.

    • this color basicly copy Macbook 2016 rose gold.

  8. Lol:) Pink is the new black ? Maybe it’s perfectly on-time for 11:11 :p

  9. Someone know already if bios is unlocked to set tdp?

  10. It’s hideous!!! My daughter would probably love it, but I’d prefer to sit and stare at Trump’s hair than look at this thing. Lol

    • totally agree. the adverts are aimed at a very specific type of buyer, either a dad of a young teenager who still loves pink unicorns, or Japanese women into Kawaii.

    • Same here it’s ugly, but my daughter would like it.

      • ugly is such an ugly word, how about different, awesome, or: not my cup of tea?
        how can it be ugly because it has a different color? – let’s see what would be the PC thing to say? colorism?
        Would that make you a colorist?
        Oh dear it sure is a complicated wold we live in today.

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