Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5″ 2019 Refresh Now Out

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5″ 2019 Refresh Now Out

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, refresh number 3 is now out in China. This is essentially the same model as last years, just with the newer Core M3-8100Y 3.4Ghz dual-core SoC and faster type-C charging. It looks like nothing else has really changed from the previous models I’ve reviewed.

It’s not available anywhere right now apart from Aliexpress for a whopping $785. Clearly, this seller is trying to make a nice cut on top. The laptop sells for 3999 Yuan in China (Core M3 + 256GB NVMe) which is roughly $600 USD so with retailers exporting expect about $699 for the 256GB model.

Now the odd thing is, all models seem to only have 4GB of RAM. There is a Core i5 8200Y (3.9Ghz dual-core still) model, but still the same LPDDR3 1866Mhz RAM! And then remember that limited edition 8GB model with the Mi Notebook Air 12 Core i5 7Y54 that later Xiaomi pulled for some reason?

The battery is 36.5Wh so only good for about 5-6 hours mixed use. And the wireless AC chip an older Intel Wireless AC 8265 (887Mbps) No, not the newer Wireless AC 9260 found in the Mi Gaming Laptop.

The laptop also has a backlit keyboard, USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4A and type-C USB 3.1. AKG speakers which sound better than most Chinese laptops I review. No Micro or SD card reader. Inside you’ll find a spare SATA3 M.2 2280 slot.

But this laptop is a light and super portable 1.07 kilos with the same exact 12.5″ 1920 x 1080 IPS fully laminated screen. I was really hoping for a full refresh. No point buying this model I think, better off with the 15W way more powerful quadcore 8th Gen 13.3″ i5 8250U version for $779 or 15.6″ i5 8250U Mi Notebook Pro for $879. I’m holding out for the new 13.3″ and 15.6″ models I hope at least on the 15.6″ version Xiaomi add touch support.

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  1. I’m really surprised to see Xiaomi hasn’t released a great follow up line of notebooks. I just got a Huawei Matebook X Pro to replace my too-heavy Xiaomi Notebook Pro. Its everything I wanted from the Xiaomi- lighter, huge, brilliant screen, amazing performance, acceptable price. Huawei is really leaving Xiaomi in the dust. I’m also curious why you havent reviewed that Huawei, Chris.

    • Hi yes, I really want to review the Matebook X Pro. The issue is the price, I’m still trying with some review loan units I could borrow from somewhere but no luck yet.

      And I agree Xiaomi needs a follow-up and asap. Whiskey Lake, touch and lighter build I’m sure they can do it. As it is I sold my Notebook Pro for the HP Spectre 360 8250U with 4k and touch, 360-degree hinge it’s really great for travel. 1.3 kilos also so much lighter than the 2 kilo Mi Notebook pro.

      • Crazy how 6 or so months can change the landscape. In America, you can get a Matebook Pro w/ i7, 16gb RAM for $1,000 which is well worth the extra cost over the ~$850 Xiaomi. The Matebook is superior to the Notebook Pro in every aspect (screen size, performance, weight, features). Too bad because I love Xiaomi as a brand (every day still ride my m365 you reviewed).

        Understandably at $1k you’re now in Spectre, XPS, Surface territory but even comparing those major name brands to the Matebook its still a clear winner. The only negative is the bad reputation Huawei has in the States.

        • You get it for such a good price in the US, in Europe that spec is very expensive and to import it also. I really want to review it, I looked at it at MWC and it seemed great. The only con I would say would be the battery life would be amazing? But then the same as my HP Spectre.

          Ah yes, the Xiaomi M365 scooter is good. They now have the Pro model of it new OLED display and more range.

          Still, I’m waiting on a certain company to see if they can lean me a Matebook X Pro to review. Fingers crossed.

          • Happy to help ship you one if you want to cover costs. I got it for $1k but that took a lot of hunting for a deal. The ’18 model usually runs ~$1200. I think ’19 is ~$1500.

            I suspect you’d end up keeping it as your daily driver once you start using it. truly hard to find a flaw. battery life was a bit underwhelming at first until I put it in battery saver mode which has vastly improved life. I don’t game, just Chrome mostly so no noticeable difference. I think the 3K screen might be eating battery too, could lower resolution.

  2. It’s useless to buy it if you have a previous model of this one, but this laptop is excellent for light tasking and even indie games. It was a gift for my gf, the one with the m3 7Y30 core, and she’s yet amazed with it, all for less than 450 bucks, 1,5 years ago.

    You can’t find something like that for that price even nowadays yet, and the battery is 5h usage, which is not bad. 1,07 kg, so sleek and lightweight.

    You add 4G and touchscreen to this for 550 bucks and it’s awesome. And if you add a 60 mW battery (the one of notebook pro) you burst the market.

    • Yes, the 7Y30 still performs fine and if you can get it for a good price it’s a great deal. The new model is so not worth it, wait a few months (more like 6) and it will be much cheaper.

  3. What a fail 4GB of RAM what the hell Xiaomi! Why even bother.

    • Not to mention that CPU is like half as powerful as the 8th gen i5 that @chris mentioned.
      Looks like they sacrificed everything to get it to be ultra lite weight.

      • With that low TDP processor they should have made it a bit heavier but with a bigger battery for ultra long battery life.

        • The CPU is okay I found for light office, docs, web browser, etc. But all Core M’s for me have poor battery life. They really need to find a way or remodel it for a 50Wh+ battery. 60Wh even would have been great. Oh, of course then the weight wouldn’t be 1.07 kilos more like 1.2 kilos.

      • All cost saving, same design everything. Just a new mainboard and done. I think the lack of 8GB models is a big mistake.

    • Yes, the lack of an 8GB model seems silly unless it’s coming eventually and will just start selling unannounced like the 7Y54 model did.

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