FIMI X8 SE 4k Drone Review – The Best Under $500 4k Drone

FIMI X8 SE 4k Drone Review – The Best Under $500 4k Drone

This one has been out of stock with supply issue for a long time, but I finally got mine from Bangood after canceling my Gearbest order. I had this ordered way back in October last year when it was first listed. This 4k drone is really quite amazing for the price. Like a Mavic Pro or Mavic Air just $422 USD so a hell of a lot cheaper. But only if you don’t mind about missing out on some of the smart gimmicky modes and obstacle avoidance then this I think is the 4k drone to go for in 2019!

And if you have flown drones before or plan to fly in open areas then you might not need the optical avoidance like the DJI drones anyway. Below is my FIMI X8 SE unboxing and review, with sample footage taken in Las Rotas, Denia, in the beautiful Mediterranean coast of Spain.

It’s $422 here with coupon 01f59b or 05bb96 I recommend buying it with the EU Priority Line shipping from the GWTR warehouse, not the CN one as it is slow to get stock. It arrived here in Spain tax-free. The priority direct mall service should also be tax-free. Just avoid the EMS or express shipping as it might be held for taxes in the EU.

FIMI X8 SE Pros:

  • Price of $422 is great considering the build, flight time and footage
  • Great build quality and finish
  • Beginner modes and GPS auto hover make it easy to fly
  • The battery life of up to around 26-30 minutes of flight time.
  • Very good footage for the price point with 100Mbs 4k 30 fps
  • The Controller can fit an iPad Mini or 8″ Android tablet
  • F-Log video option for later easier colour grading the footage
  • Lower noise than the original Mavic Pro
  • Cheaper spare parts than the DJI drones
  • The battery charges in just 2 hours
  • Controller 3900Mah battery is good for 3-4 flights and will charge your phone or tablet.

FIMI X8 SE Cons:

  • No obstacle avoidance at all
  • Tracking mode isn’t so good, and without obstacle avoidance is a risk at low altitudes
  • Horizon tilt, not 100% perfect level at times even after 4 firmware updates that did improve it.
  • Comes with no case or gimbal protector clip or housing.
  • Auto-hover isn’t quite as steady as the DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Air drones reviewed.
  • No charging via the Micro USB port on the drone, the battery has to be removed to charge



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  1. Planning to buy an X8 from Banggood. Do you have any idea if they give the typical 1 year warranty which comes with a brand new item. I tried contacting FIMI directly and they responded that the warranty will only be given by the re-seller which in our case is Banggood. I did not find a place in Banggood, saying that they provide warranty more than 30 days. Normally for any other reputed drone makes, the new drone comes with an year of warranty. (even Hubsan gives that).
    Any body has any idea?

    • I bought Mi Drone 4K in Banggood one year and a half ago and I had a problem with gimbal due to heavy tilt. FIMI redirected me to Banggood and they offered me not a replacement for free but a second gimbal + camera for 60 USD which is really a bargain (it costs around 250 USD, almost the same that a full drone).
      So, warranty is not the best but at least they response.
      If you really want local warranty it’s better to purchase in a local dealer.

      • This is exactly the information I was looking for. I am happy that they are willing to look into the issues and try to come up with some sort of solution. As long as that is there, I should be ok to buy it from Banggood.
        THank you very much Inigo. Appreciate ur inputs.

  2. Chris, I bought two weeks ago a Hubsan Zino. Is quite similar to Fimi X8 but a lot cheaper (you can get it from Bangood around 250 USD with coupons). I’ve also own Mi Drone 4K, and since they are quite different (Mi Drone flies better), Zino is very portable like X8. Camera, however, I think is not as good as X8 and, of course, range is far less. I’ve got 1200m with Zino and I think that X8 can reach more than 4km what is fantastic! And remote is far better.. more accurate.
    Perhaps you could review Zino also, as cheaper alternative to X8.

    • By the way, height altitude limit here in Spain is only 120m…. so, be careful when uploading videos to YouTube to avoid legal problems. 😉

      • The Zino looks okay, but I heard a lot of issues with earlier Hubsan drones. I just ordered the FIMI A3 as it looks interesting with the screen in the controller. But only 1080p and 1km range. If the videos get more views I might get a Zino.

        Oh yeah, I thought it was 200m here in community Valencia. Okay, thanks for the warning. Good thing I never fly high and in the video never went over 25m 😀

        • FIMI X3 looks good and it has a pretty remote with integrated screen. However it’s not foldable, unfortunately.
          Previously I also owned a Hubsan h501ss that gave me a lot of good moments (and some crashes).
          Yes, Hubsan drones has plenty issues with firmwares (Zino is not an exception) but they launch frequently updates and fixes and this is good.

          Waiting for your next X3 review!

          And remember, when flying on Spain under 120m, inside visual range and not above people… At least for YouTube videos! Anyway, nobody will regret anything if you fly deep inside the sea to check max drone range… Just remember to do it with frontal wind (or no wind) to help in drone return! 😉

          • Yes if you saw my review I mentioned that, no people around and always in visuals 🙂 Just messed up the high of 200m when it’s 120m. As for flight over the sea, here in Alicante, it’s not allowed as you cannot fly over the beach in case of people swimming, etc.

            Looks like I’ll get a good price for the X8 SE since it’s hard to get hold of at the moment, so will sell it and get the A3. Due to the tight laws, I can’t really enjoy them more than a few flights.

      • Just to touch on this again the app will not let it set the altitude in Spain above 120M, I mean if you watch the review again it goes above but reverts to 120M. So you cannot break this rule even if you tried which is a good thing. I’ve just ordered the FIMI A3, looking forward to also checking that $279 drone out.

  3. Great vid love the shots you got and so smooth the footage. I’ve got to visit Denia of these days! How is the tracking feature?

    • I didn’t trust the tracking as there were too many trees around. It seems to track fine however keeping me in the frame.

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