Hands-On With Xiaomi’s Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 Refresh

Hands-On With Xiaomi’s Mi Gaming Laptop 2019 Refresh

We finally get a high refresh rate screen! Something all serious gaming laptops need is to break away from 60hz panels and Xiaomi’s 2019 refresh Mi Gaming Laptop now ships with a 144hz 1080p screen. The other upgrade is the base models have the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti and the RTX 2060 for the top-spec GPU. Which is a step up over last year’s 1050 Ti and GTX 1060. Intel 9th Gen CPUs which are quite a disappointing upgrade I must add. While on paper the 400mhz additional boost clock and base clock seems great in reality it’s a very minor increase. Realworld testing shows it’s about the same as the last-gen Core i7 8750H or at bast a 4-5% increase.

The model I bought here to review is the top-spec, Nivida RTX 2060 with 6GB of DDR6 RAM, 16GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD and the new Core i7 9750H. Because I want to drive the maximum possible FPS for that 144hz refresh BOE0867 screen it has. Most new titles even with the RTX 2060 will not run at 144FPS unless you lower the settings. But older and light engine titles like CSGO and League of legends will for example. Fortnite will also run at 144hz but not on the absolution max settings. That game will be tested in my final review along with many others. For now, please check the unboxing and first look video about.

I do run 3DMark’s Fire Strike, Time Spy, and various other benchmarks. What’s interesting to note is the unexpected loss of the rear Type-C port the last-gen models all had. For some reason, Xiaomi dropped it. I would love love to have seen it as a Thunderbolt 3 port instead.

Next week I’ll also have the BMAX Y13 13.3″ Yoga style 1080p Gemini Lake laptop with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD for those that are following this model.

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  1. I have this laptop, my question is when it is off and connected to the charger, how do you notify me that it is fully charged? The charger has an LED but does not change color when it fully charges the battery.

  2. For that price, it looks good. The Ryzen and compared to the Intel 8250 or 8265 quad-core ti falls a bit short. I wont be reviewing this as I can’t buy one right now. And it wouldn’t really get good views so would just be yet another video I lose money on.

  3. Hey Chris,
    Brilliant stuff on your channels recently with the new reviews. Great work as always.
    There’s this new budget laptop from Lenovo that I’d like your opinion (and review) on. It’s the Lenovo flex 14 2 in 1 laptop with 12 gigs of ram and 256 ssd, running Ryzen 5 processor.
    I heard it’s capable of more than light gaming, has excellent all round performance, and sells for around $550.

    Here’s a link on Amazon:

    Thanks in advance mate 🙂

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