BMAX X14 – A Better Lapbook Pro?

BMAX X14 – A Better Lapbook Pro?

So this is the next new Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 laptop, the BMAX X14. I’ve been impressed with the BMAX Y13 and the Y11 is also good, so very interested in getting my hands on this one the X14. It’s a 1080p 14.1″ laptop with a full-size USB 3.0 port, full spec type-C USB 3.1. Something the Chuwi Lapbook Pro is lacking which is data and charging only. But doesn’t support power delivery this one apparently does (Like the Y13 and Y11)The BMAX X14 has 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD and you can upgrade it via an easy-access hatch on the bottom of its full metal build. The screen is glass covered and fully laminated with a slim top and side bezels so similar to the Lapbook Pro.

Another area where the BMAX X14 looks to better the Lapbook Pro is the full-sized keyboard is backlit, hopefully, more evenly than my BMAX Y13 which is a bit dim on some keys. Other specs that are the same are Intel Wireless AC 3165 with BT 5.0, 38Wh battery and D/C charging. It’ has an oddly located web camera which is in the bottom bezel. Not fond at all of this location.

I’ve ordered one for a review and hopefully it ships out soon. It’s selling for $349 USD here. Below are some press images. It’s also similar to the Jumper X3 Pro the look of it, but the X3 Pro is a 13.3″ model with a non-lamianted screen I believe. But N4100, 8GB and 256GB SSD.

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  1. Hi Chris.
    Overall, I think it’s pretty much the same as the BMAX Y13 minus the touch screen and the 360° hinge.

  2. I’m have the BMAX X14 now and it’s not a touch screen.

    • Thanks for confirming as expect no touch support. How is it overall, mines due maybe this week from Banggood.

  3. also, if you go to the Banggood page there are many people who asked if it has a touchscreen and the answer was NO.

  4. @kostpapas yes, I saw you link. You missed my point… Those “reviews” are WRONG. The truth is obviously in the specs published by the maker BMAX unless you think they are so stupid as to not publish very important spec’s that help to sell their product. You need to realize that some of these printed “reviews” are not really reviews. They are just fake, click-bait, or made by dumb people that are confused between different product models.

    • Reviews that clearly show they don’t own the laptop. using press images only and reviewing only the specs. These fake reviews are the reason I started TechTablets.

  5. Yes my friend I have all ready seen the specs on the official site , but as I right on my comment , there are 2-3 reviews that saying it is a touch screen . Look by yourself : .
    But thanks anyway for the answer!

    • Mine has shipped out I hope to have it in about 2 weeks to give it a proper review. I’ll confirm in an instant if it supports touch, however, I’m 90% sure it does not like the Jumper EZbook X3 Pro which seems to be using the same ODM

  6. screen grab of full specs:
    This would make for a decent inexpensive travel notebook for developers running the latest Lubuntu if there are no drivers issues with touchpad, wifi, etc. I bet Lubuntu being “light-weight” would run pretty well on this.
    ISO download:

  7. @kostpapas it’s NOT touchscreen. See the specs on BMAX’s page =>

  8. With coupon price can be dropped to $319.99. I’m confused now, was about to get Lapbook pro with 8GB of RAM (for $309), but now this looks better. The only thing is bother me is this silver look, especially keyboard. They trying so hard to look like macbook.

    Is fully functional type-c means that it can be connected to some sort of docking station that would allow to connect it to for example 2 external monitors and charger?

  9. Hi Chris!
    I am little bit confused with one major spec of this laptop . Does it have touch screen or what? And I’m saying that because I found 2 or more reviews in the internet that says it is a touchscreen one! I believe that is not , and I know that you don’t have receive it yet to know exactly . For example there is one article here : .
    Anyway keep the good work mate , I really like your reviews!

  10. Thanks Chris. Another potential winner by BMAX, but let’s hope that they’ll get the keyboard/key colours right in the future; white on silver…nah! Touch on this one would have been nice too. That aside, it’s another goodie.

    • Looks good, I want a normal colour scheme for the keyboard keys and letter like you. I just got the Jumper EZBook X3 Pro, so far looks very good full metal body that means the palm rest/top area also. The keyboard is good, but silver keys and backlit. However, I can make it out better than the BMAX Y13 and it has an even backlight, Jumper look to have returned to the EZbook 3 Pro Rev 3-4 days.

  11. That looks very good as far as bang for buck. If the reliability is good, battery life OK, and no show-stopping problems they may have good success with this. $350 is a good price given the specs, if the retailers don’t increase prices due to demand.
    I hope Linux runs OK on it.

    • We also now have the Jumper EZbook X3 Pro I just posted on twitter for $299 which the exact same specs but non-laminated screen, the gap at least is only 1mm the gap between the IPS and glass. Could be our new value champ with 8GB of dual-channel RAM, and faster Intel SSD but only 180GB, not 256GB.

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