Happy New Year & What’s Next

Happy New Year & What’s Next

Happy New Year to everyone. So a few have been asking if I have the BMAX S15 and the F6 Plus ordered, yes both are on the way and they will definitely be the last Gemini Lake laptops I’ll be reviewing. Some time in Q1/Q2 we should hear or see even the new Gemini Lake successor the Intel Elkhart Lake by then. Expect it to be a small bump up in performance like the Apollo Lake to Gemini Lake was, I’m not holding my breath Intel will do something drastic with the next-gen SoC. I really want now is to see the Manufactures giving us larger batteries. And hopefully more of the same good designs with improvements like more USB 3 ports, full spec Type-C and no going back to DDR4 4GB RAM only!

Yes the BMAX S15 was ordered and it’s on the way.

We always see the same 37Wh battery cells, consisting of two 5000mah cells. for 10,000mAh in total. But many times now I’ve seen there is room to have a third cell, so 15,000mAh. Then we could have over 10 hours of run time. And I’ll definitely be reviewing the new Elkhart Lake releases once out from Chuwi, Teclast, BMAX, and Alldocube perhaps.

Below is a list of what’s next in the channel in the coming weeks. In no set order:

  • Earbud review
  • Teclast F6 Plus (Due next week with DHL)
  • Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum review
  • BMAX S15 (due in about 10 days I guess)
  • eMove Cruiser eScooter, a review of the new revised model.
  • Possible 3D printer review (Creality)

Possible reviews: Xiaomi Redmibook 13 / Mi Notebook Pro 2020 edition this has been requested a few times. A lot of you have been asking for an Honor Magicbook or Redmibook 14 AMD review. Truth is the AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Magicbook I reviewed was disappointing performance-wise a good 20% less than Intel’s offering and poor driver updates etc. I’m not sure I’ll bother again until the AMD Ryzen Mobile offers something a little more in this space.

Also, I post a poll on Twitter if you wanted to see a review of the new Mediatek 1000T powered Oppo Reno 3 or the new Realme X50, both 5G phones. As I guessed not much interest in them. I’ll wait for the new big releases.

As for what’s next with the channel. More of the same, I have no big plans to change no ridiculous 2020 goals to double views and subscribers. Only to enjoy what I’m doing and hopefully, you lot also enjoy the videos and reviews.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. I’ts a link on Twitter when I sent photo S15… 👍 In your post from 1.1.2020.


  2. I received the s15 yesterday and I am extremely satisfied, especially for 190 Euros. Even at 250 , I think it is vfm.
    Very snappy (first ever laptop with Gemini lake) and very good screen.
    I was expecting a bit better viewing angles, as it is ips but can’t complain.
    I have never seen such a big touchpad before.
    Can’t wait to receive the y13, which is on its way.

  3. For 180 € is Bmax S15 a really cool laptop! See the photo on Twiter, I sent you … 👍 I like the IPS display and 7h endurance the most! I have a Teclast F15 and in addition to the plastic non fashionable chassis is not lagging behind and it cost me F15 3/4 years 350 € …

    • I haven’t seen it? Can you send it again? Crazy price you got for it, well done.

  4. Bmax S15 has been home for a week now and is testing it … 👍

  5. Won’t hold my breath for Gemini lake successor this year. Consider Intel is so behind with their 10nm process and they still have a ton of high margin chips waiting to migrate to 10nm in before the low margin Atom chip. That’s why I went for the Bmax y13, it’s pretty much what I want in a low-cost device, great screen, backlit keyboard. It’s just great! Thanks again for your review Chris, it helped make up my mind.

    • Oh Intel better release them. Imagine another year of Gemini Lake tech! Argh, no thanks. AMD needs to take over with a good value replacement. Yes, the Y13 is great love mine. I’ll have the Teclast F6 Plus maybe tomorrow. I don’t expect it to be better really, just the stylus and full-sized USB ports. My guess is the screen won’t be fully laminated so worse off. But I could be wrong!

  6. Why do Chinese manufacturer give up on laptop featuring 3:2 displays?!?!?
    the only option is a very expensive (and of course high quality )of Microsoft and Huawei products
    I can see a huge market with little competition here…..how come they don’t see it?!?!?

    • I know I want to see more use the 13.5″ Surface book screen we had in the Thinker i35. I think Xiaomi may have a 3:2 tablet coming. it has to be down to cost why they don’t use them.

  7. An interesting product is the Lenovo yoga smart tablet, however it is expensive. Would nice to see some Chinese manufactures including it – nice point of difference compared to apple/Samsung. Otherwise tablets seem dead to me (esp. if manuf don’t update them). Also not sure why we still have massive bezels on the things, (or even on laptops now)…..

    Also Indiegogo is hosting chrome os phone attachment – https://www.computerworld.com/article/3454299/castaway-chrome-os-phone.html

    • That looks really interesting the Chrome OS second screen for the iPhone.

  8. You’re probably right Chris. Sometimes this works out but I don’t think it will, this time. I had my hopes up ,as I am looking for something small decent with good battery life but just saw the 24wh battery ….!
    Looking forward for your next reviews.

  9. Best wishes and happy New year!!
    Another interesting tablet with Gemini lake will be chuwi hi10 x. According to banggood pre-order is at 198 euros which seems very interesting pricetag but it is 6 gb ram and emmc memory instead of ssd….! Still decent specs for the price

    • Looks like they are just reusing old designs and mashed together a new tablet.

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