Kaby Lake-R 16GB RAM Metal Laptop For $329

Kaby Lake-R 16GB RAM Metal Laptop For $329

Selling for the price of the Gemini Lake N4100 8GB laptops I’ve been reviewing this new laptop popped up that looks promising as it ships with the Celeron 3867U Intel 8th Gen Kaby Lake architecture and a large 16GB of RAM double what I typically review.

The Lhmzniy A9 14.1″ sells for $329 or 297 Euros. All metal build, backlit keyboard, MicroSD slot, and 2 x USB 3.0 ports. It has a 35Wh battery, wireless AC and the screen is a 1080p 14.1″ TN Panel 🙁 glossy glass covered screen. The SSD config ranges from 128GB to 1TB. 22 x 80mm SATA3 SSD. It runs Windows 10 home, has a 2mP webcam with privacy cover, dual speakers and largesized touchpad.

Kaby Lake R SoC with Intel HD 610 iGPU

The dual-core Kaby Lake R on paper looks poor. Just two 1.8Ghz cores however it’s newer than the Gemini Lake. With a higher TDP of 15W, fan-cooled and better GPU the Intel it’s single-core performance and gaming will outmatch the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 getting over 2100 vs about 1800-1900 on the Celeron N4100. But due to those 2 cores only, in multi-core benchmarks, it’s about 1500 points lower. Now in real-world use I’ve tested this CPU in and around Windows it does feel slightly quicker. The 16GB of RAM will also help.

There is also a 15.6″ version called the A9 Pro selling for 334 euros. Apart from the TN panel (What a shame), it could a good alternative to the Gemini Lake laptops I’m moving away from reviewing now. I might pick up to review if there is interest. This is also called Feed Me the brand on Aliexpress, both Brand names are stupid if you ask me! It would be some ODM laptop people Chinese companies brand themselves.

The A9 looks a lot like the Herobook Pro from Chuwi, which has yet to be released with the same 3867U Soc and look just in grey.

Lhmzniy A9 Press images:


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  1. Need to buy a new notebook to replace my ezbook 3 pro which’s giving me hell with the usb ports, booting up , wifi’s gone, etc… The notebook is to be used as a desktop in my shop, most of the times. My budget is 350/400€ and want a 15.6in screen. Looking at LHMZNIY i3-5005U (345,93€) and the LHMZNIY A9 Pro (355,03€). Is it worth buying a machine with the i3 5005U launched in 2015 or go for the recent cpu 3867U?
    Is it possible to add a 2242/2280 ssd in the back like the ezbook? The specs are not very clear about that so I’m unsure.
    Need some advice.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. I saw this one too at gearbest LHMZNIY S4 15.6-inch FHD IPS Screen Laptop CPU I3-5005U 8G RAM. Specs look good with dual wifi, 2 usb3 e 1 type c.

  3. for a decent subset of programmers and students on a budget TN is fine. Brightness is more important I think for some of those use cases.

    • True as long as you view it face on. I’ve decided to get one, maybe the 15.6″ Pro version as I’ve covered few 15.6″ laptops. if the build is good and the panel is okay it’s an alternative to all the Gemini Lakes which I’m moving away from now. I’ve just one mini PC N4100 to review and that will be it. I’m waiting for the new 10nm Elkhart Lake Soc coming this year.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Chris. The RAM increment is most welcome, but the TN panel is a complete no no, especially in 2020.

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