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Galaxy Tab S6 review: 03:14 – Screen 05:12 – ROM & performance 09:39 – Finger & face unlocking 09:52 – Audio & sample 11:51 – Cameras 12:14 – Stylus 14:13 – eBooks & PDF 15:31 – Gaming 16:33 – Final words Pros & Cons

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BMAX S15 Review

BMAX S15 video review. Budget 15.6″ laptop with 8GB of RAM.



Teclast M16 Review

Tecalst M16 review. Budget Helio X27 laptop with optional keyboard. Overall a rather poor tablet for the price you’re better of getting the next-gen Helio P70 powered Teclast T30. 01:55 – Build & Design 03:40 – Optional Keyboard 04:49 – Display 05:57 – Speakers & sample 06:28 – ROM & performance 08:47 – Battery life 10:13 – Ebooks ...[Read More]



BMAX X14 Review

BMAX X14 review. 14″ 8GB RAM Celeron N4100 laptop. A good laptop ultimately let down by its dull nonlaminated screen. 00:58 – Unboxing 04:18 – Bios 04:43 – Internals 06:10 – Screen 07:21 – Performance 10:36 – Sound 11:18 – Gaming 11:56 – Linux 12:11 – Pros & Cons



Huawei MediaPad M6 Review

The Huawei MediaPad M6 is overall a great premium tablet, just watch out you might not be able to install Google Play Services on it! 01:16 – Build & Design 02:53 – Weight & thickness 03:03 – Fingerprint unlocking 03:46 – Screen 05:45 – Desktop mode 06:18 – Performance & benchmarks 10:13 – Calls, 3.5mm & speakers 11:57 – Gaming: P...[Read More]



Teclast T30 Review

Teclast T30 Review. $189 4G Dual SIM Helio P70 Android 9.0 Tablet. 8000mAh battery. The new Teclast T30 is a big step up in performance over the last-gen Helio X27 powered model. Much better at gaming, improved speakers and still retains the GPS, FM radio, phone call, and text functions. Overall for the price, it sells for offers a lot with great battery life but missing Widevine Level 1 cert for ...[Read More]

BMAX Y13 Downloads

BMAX Y13 Windows 10 Image. BMAX Y13 drivers Download here the BMAX Y13 Windows 10 Image. Extract the files to a Fat32 formatted drive labeled WINPE. Enter the bios on boot (Esc key or Del) and boot to this drive. Wait for the factory image recovery to finish. All data will be lost. Windows 10 key will be activated when online.  

Gemini Lake Refresh Models & Where Is Elkhart Lake?

The BMAX Y11 an 11-inch convertible Windows 10 laptop and the 13″ BMAX Y13 the best Gemini Lake laptop I’ve reviewed are now shipping with the new Celeron N4120 “Gemini Lake Refresh” over at Banggood. This minor tweak of the Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 is now approximately 10% faster due to an overclock of 200Mhz more on the max boost clock. So 2.6Ghz max clocks Vs the 2.4Ghz...[Read More]

Kaby Lake-R 16GB RAM Metal Laptop For $329

Selling for the price of the Gemini Lake N4100 8GB laptops I’ve been reviewing this new laptop popped up that looks promising as it ships with the Celeron 3867U Intel 8th Gen Kaby Lake architecture and a large 16GB of RAM double what I typically review. The Lhmzniy A9 14.1″ sells for $329 or 297 Euros. All metal build, backlit keyboard, MicroSD slot, and 2 x USB 3.0 ports. It has a 35W...[Read More]

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