Alldocube Neo X

Now Shipping Alldocube Neo X 10.5″ SAMOLED Tablet

My order just shipped for the Alldocube Neo X this is the first Qualcomm powered tablet from Alldocube, it’s never too late to use these chips but the Snapdragon 660 is now an old chipset. The tablet with keyboard is currently selling for 262 euros on here Shipped! Alldocube Neo X could be the last Chinese tablet I review? It looks good with the 10.5" SAMOLED screen (same a...[Read More]

Alldocube Neo X SAMOLED 10.5″ Android 9.0 Tablet With SD660 (Updated)

Update the price is $264 (tablet only) or $299 with the type cover style keyboard. I was expecting it to be around $249 max with the keyboard or about $229 without. Maybe this price will drop, while it’s a nice screen that’s a bit of an ask for the SD660 SoC. I guess it’s never too late I was really starting to think nobody was going to release a new tablet from the brands I cove...[Read More]

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