Alldocube Neo X Review Posted. $229 Android 9 10.5″ SAMOLED Tablet

Alldocube Neo X Review Posted. $229 Android 9 10.5″ SAMOLED Tablet

Edit the review is online (Embedded below) Like always this covers the good and the bad of the Alldocube Neo X. Make sure you watch it before you pull the trigger on one so you know just what to expect. It’s sadly suffering from the typical Chinese tablet cons like no Widevine level 1 cert, weak audio, and with odd software choices. But over the screen is fantastic (once you tweak it) and it offers a lot for the price. 4G dual SIM, GPS, and even FM radio. Battery life is okay too. Currently $229 here at Banggood.

My order just shipped for the Alldocube Neo X this is the first Qualcomm powered tablet from Alldocube, it’s never too late to use these chips but the Snapdragon 660 is now an old chipset. The tablet with keyboard is currently selling for 262 euros on here

The 10.5″ SAMOLED is the same used in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Samsung’s premium SD855 flagship tablet. It’s fully laminated with a resolution of  2560 x 1600 so it is quite sharp. The chipset used is the dated SD660 as mentioned this is paired up with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC 5 storage. It does have MicroSD support so at least you can expand the storage.

The tablet supports voice calls with it’s dual SIM LTE support including bands 20 and 28 for European users.

Alldocube Neo X LTE band support:

  • FDD-LTE:B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/20/28
  • TDD-LTE:B40

This tablet also has built-in GPS with hopefully a hardware compass so good for navigation. having reviewed so many of these Chinese tablets in the past I can also review it without even touching it. I’m sure it will only have a Widevine level 3 cert (No Netflix in full HD) and weak speakers (All too common)

Other than these obvious flaws it might be a good tablet, but I hope the price drops even further. Look for my hands-on review in about 2 weeks.

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  1. So ~20 days after delivery my X Neo bricked.
    Full story:

  2. Well that’s a bummer…after 20 days usage my Alldocube X Neo has apparently bricked itself. Playing RR3 when suddenly the screen froze, and the tab made a loud squealing noise for about 20 sec before shutting down…permanently.
    Since then I’ve been enduring the battle with Banggood ‘customer service’ whose initial suggestion was that I get it repaired locally….in rural Tasmania, yeah right.
    We’ve now progressed to arguing the toss about the cheapest postage from Australia to China so that it can be repaired there.

  3. Just took delivery of my Alldocube Neo X which I got for streaming and occasional gaming.
    I agree with you that the screen is great, the speakers are OK and it’s responsive enough for normal use.
    One minor annoyance has been fixed with the search bar on the home screen now being at the top. Weirdly though, the bar now slowly bounces up and down by a few mm for a few seconds whenever the home screen is opened

  4. So which is better, this or Teclast T30? Or is there other better tablet for 200 EUR? I would prefer one with docking keyboard.

  5. Thank you for this assuring confirmation/information

    [Not sure if it is proper to comment on this, but I assume it’s a device provided by Banggood…]

  6. @musculture Band 20 I can confirm worked for me.

  7. Anyone out there that has had the opportunity to verify whether, e.g. B20 and B28 functionality actually is implemented on the Alldocube X Neo tablet?

    It seems almost impossible (believe me, I’ve tried) to find out whether the device version(s) that are offered for purchase by retailers actually support the 4G/LTE network bands in question (i.e. in accordance with the specifications stated on their Global website: )

  8. Looking forward to your review!!
    I’m actually looking due a cheap laptop when the most important factor is the screen.
    I don’t play games, I’ll be using it mostly to read pdf files and browsing the web, so this could be a good choice.
    Hopefully it won’t have major flaws.
    Keep us updated!!

  9. The keyboard looks very 2015! Like the old Teclast and Chuwi keyboards. Thank you for your support, the days of my tablet reviews are well and truly numbered nothing interesting and lack of interest also in what is out.

    Plus I’m still very happy with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

  10. Alldocube, no thanks, C. Their stuff is often dodgy. Other than the brand, that keyboard is enough to keep me away. That said, I will tune into your review to show my continued support.

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