Alldocube Neo X SAMOLED 10.5″ Android 9.0 Tablet With SD660 (Updated)

Alldocube Neo X SAMOLED 10.5″ Android 9.0 Tablet With SD660 (Updated)

Update the price is $264 (tablet only) or $299 with the type cover style keyboard. I was expecting it to be around $249 max with the keyboard or about $229 without. Maybe this price will drop, while it’s a nice screen that’s a bit of an ask for the SD660 SoC.

I guess it’s never too late I was really starting to think nobody was going to release a new tablet from the brands I cover. But Alldocube has posted detail on their new up and coming 10.5″ SAMOLED Android tablet. The screen is the same as the X model so the same as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4/S6 2560 x1600. What is new here is they have finally used a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. It’s the SD660, now somewhat old, and dated the SD720G or SD730G would have been great?

It has 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC 5. The version of Android is 9.0 so not Android 10 and I highly doubt we will have a widevine level 1 cert for DRM with this mode. 4G LTE dual SIM support. There is no LTE band 20 support. It has a type C port but I think no video output. 3.5mm jack and MicroSD support are good to see.

There is also an optional keyboard, but no stylus support! It’s looking very DOA unless it’s selling for an excellent price. Full specs and detail can be found on the official site here. No word on pricing yet and if there is interest I might review it!


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  1. I use the iPad mini 2014 or 2015. I am completely satisfied with it. I found out about him a very long time ago from a person who advised me

  2. It has band 20 according to the info

  3. It’s now that price with the keyboard so they heard you!

  4. Does this tablet have screen mirroring?

  5. They can now use SD660 due to SoC price drop.

  6. you can buy a Samsung Galaxy TAB 5e at 350E or less
    better cpu, same limit about the eMMC

  7. I would love to see one of these companies come out with a couple different Chrome OS options. I’m intrigued by the Lenovo Duet but can’t get my hands on one.

  8. $209 maybe worthwhile… $339 GTFO!!

  9. Some other outlets are reporting it being priced at $209 based on the Chinese prices, they have it listed here for $339 at Geekbuying, but no indication if that’s the price with the keyboard or not. Looking forward to a review of this. It seems like it might be decent.

  10. Price will be important but specs look pretty good IMHO… but if I was in market for an LTE tablet I would prefer Band20 being onboard. Will watch out for pricing and maybe a TT review 😉

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