Atom Z8500

Teclast X98 Pro, A Cherry Trail Z8500 4GB X98 Air 3G Successor coming soon

Recently I posted that Teclast has an up and coming release announcement on the 10th, a Cherry Trail 9.7″ was mentioned and a Core M tablet. Well details on AliExpress have leaked out that the Teclast X98 Pro is coming, as expected it’s packing the next gen Atom Cherry Trail. An Atom X5 Z8500 to be exact, which can boost up to 2.24 Ghz. This is paired with 4GB of LPDDR3 1600Mhz RAM and...[Read More]

Next Gen of Atom x5 Z8500 Tablets, what to expect?

Intel just recently show cased the latest Atom x5 Z8500 soc in a reference Tablet. So what can we expect in the next gen of Chinese tablets from the likes of Cube, PiPo, Onda and Teclast? Looking over the Intel Z8000 series Ark and Intel Z8000 series data sheets, you can see that they are step up in terms of power, the Z8500 can take up to 8GB of ram and dual channel. Think of it as the Z3795 in t...[Read More]

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