Next Gen of Atom x5 Z8500 Tablets, what to expect?

Next Gen of Atom x5 Z8500 Tablets, what to expect?

Intel just recently show cased the latest Atom x5 Z8500 soc in a reference Tablet. So what can we expect in the next gen of Chinese tablets from the likes of Cube, PiPo, Onda and Teclast?

Looking over the Intel Z8000 series Ark and Intel Z8000 series data sheets, you can see that they are step up in terms of power, the Z8500 can take up to 8GB of ram and dual channel. Think of it as the Z3795 in the current gen, something I doubt the Chinese tablets will get unless high end due to the tray prices.

The Atom X5 8300 is more likely what we will see in the next gen retina tablets, and while it’s a step up in terms of graphics 16 EU cores vs 4 with the Intel 5000 HD graphics there is still the worrying limit to only 2GB DDR3 1600 single channel ram on this soc. And it’s ma boost speed is 1.84Ghz similar to the Z3735F with 1.8Ghz. So it looks like unless the tablets have the high end Atom x5, we are still going to be limited to just 2GB of ram. However they are going to finally be 64bit 100%. Still Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 run just fine of 2GB of ram, but for anything serious we are gong to need that Z8500 chipset.

It will be interesting to see if Teclast, Cube or Onda also move to eMMC 5.0 standard and USB 3.0 ports (Since the new chipsets support it) ??? That will also see a nice pump in performance.

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  1. Atom x5-Z8300
    Atom x5-Z8500
    Atom x7-Z8700

    anybody has Release price (USD)?

    Atom Z3735F
    Atom Z3735G

    not sure how much more will be two more gb memory? maybe $10 or less

    • Hmm ARK now says x5-z8300 is $20 and z8500 is $25. So yeah, we’ll probably see z8300 and 2GB single channel RAM in everything later this year, but I for one would be VERY keen to pay an extra $20 or so for z8500 + 4GB RAM!

      • Same here, I would pay a bit more for the Z8500. You have to look at it like this, the X7 Z8700 is the Z3775. Top of the line Atom, the X5 Z8500 is like a 3745 and the Z8300 will be like a Z3735F the common one. So yes end of the year we should see many new gen atom Z8300 tablets.

  2. Can i change the swap file ?

  3. I believe that the limiting factor with the current generation is the 2GB RAM. The CPU is fast enough for every day tasks but you can’t multitask smoothly with so little RAM. These tablets are full PCs with as much RAM than a current generation mobile phone.

    • Lets hope the Chinese companies pick up the Z8500 then and not the 2GB limited Z8300, that would bad. I wonder how cloe the price will be to the new Core M tablets?

      • well… I don’t feel confident with chinese companies’ market analysis department. They released CoreM tablet a bit late and with a pricing that is NOT competitive against mainstream companies’ products such as Windows, Dell, etc.
        In 2015, 2GB ram are inadequate for a 2in1 tablet that is sold as a “productive machine”. Moreover, if they sell a Z8500 tablet with a price close to any core M tablet they will be in competition with theirself.

  4. If they start using the Z8300 with 1.84Ghz and 2GB, it’s only going to be worth it for the gaming performance. So if your a big gamer it may pay to wait. The real boost is the z8500 I think we will only see in the likes of the Asus T200ta refresh with the new Atom’s or a top of the line PiPo W4 or Cube iWork12 or something. But if the pricing is to close to the Core M tabelts it would be better just to get a 5Y10 core M over the Atom. It’s going to be interesting later in the year to see what the Shenzhen, China tech companies come up with.

  5. So what would say, if you’re currently in the market for a windows tablet; it’s better to hold out and wait for the new chipsets and w10 release this summer or is the advancement not in the magnitude to warrant a 3-4 month long wait?

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