JDTab J01 Review Online – It Looked So Promising…

The review of the JD.com joint venture JDTab is now online, sadly this one despite the great build, screen and audio turned out Lto be a disappointment. Sadly let down by a weak GPU which means some demanding titles like Modern Combat 5 (As seen in the review below) weren’t at all playable unless you like playing slideshows? I hope the next model or revision has a decent more powerful SoC in...[Read More]

JDTab J01 First Impressions (Flyme 7.9″ Android Tablet)

This ones new from JD.com and is meant to be an exclusive for them, but Banggood.com luckily are reselling it so we can get hold of it outside of China. It’s a joint venture tablet from JD.com, Foxconn, Meizu, LeEco and Harman Kardon. Huge Chinese¬†online retailer JD are backing this as their own tablet, with Foxconn handling parts and assembly, Meizu the OS (Flyme) and LeEco software. Lastly...[Read More]

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