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JDTab J01 First Impressions (Flyme 7.9″ Android Tablet)

JDTab J01 First Impressions (Flyme 7.9″ Android Tablet)

This ones new from JD.com and is meant to be an exclusive for them, but Banggood.com luckily are reselling it so we can get hold of it outside of China. It’s a joint venture tablet from JD.com, Foxconn, Meizu, LeEco and Harman Kardon. Huge Chinese online retailer JD are backing this as their own tablet, with Foxconn handling parts and assembly, Meizu the OS (Flyme) and LeEco software. Lastly, Harman Kardon has tuned the speakers and HiFi audio for this tablet.

So it’s not your average run-of-the-mill Chinese tablet, even if the screen is. It has a fully laminated 2048 x 1536 IPS screen with 324 PPI, so very sharp and offers decent brightness. Great 4:3 panel first used in the iPad Mini. The build is a nicely done premium feeling metal unibody with a tiny plastic strip at the top for the Wireless AC and Bluetooth reception. Sadly no GPS, HDMI out or MicroSD support on this model which could be a deal breaker for some.

At least it does have 64GB of storage and you get about 54GB free on first boot. It’s powered by a MediaTek MT8173 with a max turbo of 2.0Ghz, 4GB of LPDDR3 RAM and PowerVR GX6250 GPU, which gives an Antutu 6.2 score of around 70k which isn’t bad.

The screen is great, cameras look a step up over the typical tablet, audio sounds very decent and so far every bit a premium tablet, a pricey tablet too retailing for $277 at banggood.com. Meizu’s UI might not be for everyone, but Flyme OS does look nice it’s just lacking Google Play store which I expected coming out of China. I’ll have to find a Google Play Installer and hopefully get Play installed without any issues.

More on this one soon as I work towards my full review of it which is around a week or two away.


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  1. What’s your impression on this vs the Xiaomi MiPad 2 for build quality and software? Hard to find any thorough reviews except mangled Google Translate on the JD page. Love the build quality and speakers on the MiPad but the roms are a disaster due to lack of support from Xiaomi. Have to rely on custom roms to unlock the power on the device because otherwise multitasking or even loading largeish webpages was unusable

  2. Cube T8 Plus, dual sim 4G as well, about $130.

    8-inch 1920×1200, 2G RAM. MTK8783.

    I have three of these things and use them as my primary phone. Also because it is 16 by 9 I can fit it in my front pants pocket, unlike iPad mini 7.9″. It’s the largest tablet I can carry without a bag.

    I don’t know why more people aren’t using these. I think they’re awesome. A lot of action for $130.

    • PPTV King 7 is a lot of action in the phablet segment + there are custom roms available for it.

      The T8 Plus is a decent choice if you can live with it being stuck on Android 5.1 forever and possibly the bloatware it ships with.

      In the end, it comes down to your needs really.

      • I checked out the PPTV and am duly impressed. Serious player in the 6 inch range at that $130 price point.

        Good tip.

        Doogee T5 is my other favorite phone right now, also at $130. IP67 and 4500mAH battery, good work phone for me as commercial diver. Put it in your top coverall pocket and work firehose cleaning anchors for an hour still no problems.

      • I have the pptv king. What custom rom could you recommend? I heard, cyanogenmod hat problems with the camera, pictures have a blue tint?

    • Surprise for me. I got one of these Cube T8 Plus ans had to send it back as the screen had such a flicker that I was afraid of getting blind in the long term. Costed me shipping plus custom fée of 50$.

  3. Could you or someone reading this compile a list of Chinese tablets (dual boots or not) having buit in GPS. It looks to me that such tablets are very hard to find. Thanks in advance.

    • Almost none now, there was the X98 Air 3G old bay Trail that had GPS.

      • Thanks Chris, that’s the one I own, but I was thinking of replacing it. No GPS is a real Showstopper for me.

    • Go to Kimovil -> Tablets. Scroll down and tick the “GPS” box under ‘Connectivity -> Positioning -> GPS’.

      After you’ve found a device or more. Go to devicespecifications[dot]com and compare or check the accurate specs of the device.

      Lastly, might do some YouTube research to see what other users think.

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