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Chuwi Lapbook Pro – First Impressions

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The Lapbook Pro by chuwi is their first competitor to the likes of Matebook X from Huawei and others. However, they do not compete with each other, at least in the sense of price bracket.

This laptop by Chuwi retails for £240 on AliExpress or 419€ on all european Amazons except for the UK Amazon. Chuwi made their first attempt at almost bezel-less laptops and excelled at it, the screen is great, the keyboard and touchpad while very good still have some flaws I’ll go through in a few moments.

These are the specs on Lapbook Pro:

  • CPU: Intel Celeron N4100
  • RAM: 4GB @ 2133Mhz
  • Storage: 64 EMMC (I was not able to find the manufacturer)
  • Screen: (Model: BOE06DF)


Chuwi LapBook Pro

The screen is, without doubt, the most attractive aspect of this laptop. It is bright, colorful, almost bezel-less and an overall great screen. According to Panelook, this screen goes up to 300 cd/m² which is bright enough but it is, just like the LapBook SE, very glossy and reflective.

Build quality

The build quality is, in few words, great. The Lapbook Pro is fully made of metal, including the palm rest. There is no keyboard flex whatsoever, the screen hinge is stiff and inspires confidence, however it is not perfectly weighted as trying to open the laptop with one hand lifts the keyboard as well.

Positive points:

  • Fully made of metal
  • Good hinge mechanism
  • No keyboard or screen flex

Not so positive:

  • The touchpad seems to have some friction while using it for scrolling using the windows precision drivers, it is not as smooth as the Lapbook SE but still quite good.
  • The keyboard while good, the background illumination is unevenly spread, more noticeable on larger keys such as shift and enter. It is also not as good as the LapBook SE keyboard but very close and might be subject to preference.

Those were the main aspects I felt I had to cover, I’ll go over a few more points next and hopefully it will help you decide whether you should or should not buy the Lapbook Pro.

Positive aspects:

  • Great OGS screen, with very slim bezels
  • Solid premium feel to the build quality
  • Rather large touchpad
  • Overall a good keyboard with good key travel
  • SSD Expandable slot (M2 2240/2280)
  • No branding behind the screen, it is however on the front but not as noticeable.

Negative or not so positive aspects:

  • Restrictive IO (Mini HDMI, 1 USB-C and 1 USB 3)
  • Unevenly lit keyboard
  • Rather weird feel to the touchpad (Might be personal preference)
  • Speakers are on the bottom, however the sound is not bad nor good.
  • Reflective screen (I personally don’t mind it, but might be troublesome if you use it outside)

I will try to upload a few more pictures but I am quite time restricted. Hopefully this helped you as I could not find any reviews on the Lapbook Pro, besides very broad ones on Amazon and a few websites.






  1. Hi Daniel,

    I am having 2 problems with my newly bought Lapbook Pro.

    (1) My M2 SSD from Kingspec is not working. Do you have any idea?

    (2) I was wondering if you can assist me with your BIOS setup in the Lapbook Pro.
    Are your settings similar to mine?
    These are the screenshots from the BIOS :

    I tried the Disk Management function in Windows but it does not recognized the M2 SSD drive.

    By the way, the given charger does make a noticeable “hissing” sound when charging.

    Thank you.


  2. Do you hear coil whine?

    • I can hear very quiet chirping noises near the USB-C port but only if I get very close with my ear, otherwise nothing. Might be different depending on each laptop, some might have a coil whine issue

  3. The CHUWI Notebook Ultrabook Lapbook Pro 14 is available today on with the coupon 54UE52EB at €364. I do not know if the coupon is valid for other European Amazon stores but you can try.

  4. the ssd m.2 is sata o pcie? i bought a nvme for it…

  5. Based on Celeron N4100 Chromebooks I have used, that CPU chokes on 30 tabs in Chrome… and Chrome OS has less CPU utilization than Win10.

  6. Thank you for the review Daniel.
    My typical usage on PC is:-
    Chrome – about 30 tabs
    Word – 3 files (200KB each)
    Excel – 3 files (150KB each)
    Powerpoint – 2 files (2MB each)
    All the above concurrent.
    Please may I seek your opinion whether the Lapbook Pro 4GB ram is adequate for the task? Thanks.

    • 30 tabs 😮 You’ll start to get reloads over about 10 tabs, definitely not the hardware for it. You would want a Core i5 for 30+ tabs and 16GB RAM at least.

    • Hi, as Chris said I wouldn’t advise you to buy the Lapbook Pro if you except flawless performance with 30 tabs open, however I find the performance on edge much better than chrome on these gemini lake laptops, but that might not be an option if you rely much on extensions.

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