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The Teclast X98 Pro (K9C6) New model

The tablet is great, very sleek design and light weight like the ipad.

Heating is no problem when using android 5.1, however on windows 10 the tablet gets very hot when windows is updating or when windows defender is scanning the tablet.

Another major problem with new X98 Pro (K9C6) is the battery life, Teclast claim that the battery should last up to 8 hours of normal usage, i have used the tablet for a couple of days and for some reason the battery only lasts for 2-3 hours with normal usage (eg browsing). The battery life is the biggest problem in the tablet.


  1. You should buy the older model X98 Air 3G or Air II: much better battery life….

  2. Hi, really ?
    I’m thinking to buy that..
    I will be mostly using for watching videos and reading books, browsing internet ..
    So simple operations are creates heating..?? what do you suggest ?
    I’m not gonna play games..
    will that be ok..? or is it generating heat even for simple tasks ?
    and how long does the battery lasts in standby mode ?

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