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Deals: Gearbest Flash Sale Chuwi Vi10 Pro $149 & Teclast X98 Air III 64GB $167

Deals: Gearbest Flash Sale Chuwi Vi10 Pro $149 & Teclast X98 Air III 64GB $167

Gearbest currently has a flash sale on tablets this week, some of the better prices have limited stock, for example, the Chuwi Vi10 Pro dual OS 64GB model is now $149. Only $7 more than the 32GB model but, there are only 80 at this special price. Chuwi clearing out BayTrail stocks?

Other deals include the new Teclast X98 Air III 64GB dual boot for $167, the Core M powered Teclast X2 Pro for $402 I review this month.

They also have many of the new up and coming Cherry Trail models listed, but these are only preorders with release dates in November:

Chuwi Hi10 X5 Z8300 for $185.99, Chuwi Hi8 Pro X5 Z8300 for $95.39, which is only a few dollars more than the Bay Trail Z3736F Hi8.

The flash sale page is here.

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  1. I wonder what is so special ’bout Teclast, that x80 pro costs $15 more than Chuwi hi8 pro. Aluminium rear cover?

  2. Btw, how do you think, will we see Android on CT SoCs or was Bay Trail the last on to offer it?

  3. Good deals if they actually ship them…

    • Well, they shipped my last order, a PiPo X9

      • Well they never shipped my Texclast X98 pro and i had to file a paypal claim to get my money back which they still haven’trespoinded to -_- .

  4. Chuwi’s Hi10 with 6500mah and Hi8 Pro with 4000mah battery, seems like their cherry trail line up gonna be a disappointment in the battery department. 🙁

    • Might have to get the X16 Pro, at least it has an 8000mAH battery.

      • Do we have any official specs anywhere form the Chuwi Hi10? It seems like the resellers have non-specific specs, some say 8000mAH, some say 6500mAH, RAM type isn’t specified, etc. I’ve been looking through the official Chuwi website (I think it’s http://www.chuwi.com, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just a reseller pretending to be the official site) but nothing is yet found for the Hi10.

    • Yeah, I wish the manufacturers would put in larger batteries. For me personally, I am willing to deal with a heavier mobile device if it means that I can use the device for moderate use and get a good day’s work out of it with some battery to spare without charging during the day and without having to rely on external charging packs/cases. It seems that people want things thin, light, powerful and are willing to have these devices only last 3-4 hours on a battery. To me battery life is more important as well as smooth operation; I’m willing to sacrifice size and weight.

  5. DealsMachine lists the Chuwi Hi10 X5 Z8300 for US$163 (Presale) but that is without shipping so prob not a better deal than Gearbest. Still, it’s another source if they are in demand and hard to come by. It says “available 11/30” while Gearbest says presale ends 11/11. When they actually start shipping, who knows. http://www.dealsmachine.com/best_276664.html

    • To the USA, the shipping cost from dealsmachine is USD$23.57, so it puts the tablet at approximately USD$3 cheaper (plus a free gift, LOL) but possibly several weeks delayed from Gearbest. It’ll be interesting to see who receives the tablet first from which reseller and when they actually ship out. When I ordered the Hi10 from gearbest a couple of days ago, the shipping was free for expedited, though who knows how they’ll actually ship it and when it will arrive.

  6. I’m really itching to pick up this Chuwi Hi10. Are you planning on reviewing this unit?
    If so, I’ll definitely wait and see how you like it

    • Chris said he will be reviewing the Chuwi Hi10. I also pre-ordered a Chuwi Hi10 from GearBest (shipped to the USA) and will do an unboxing and review as well once it arrives (It’ll be my first Youtube video ever!), but who knows when that will actually happen… per GearBest they wil ship sometime “after” November 11th which probably means it’ll arrive at the and of November at the earliest, probably in early December.

      BTW, does anyone now where they are selling the keyboard for the Chuwi Hi10? The one that Chris reviewed with the Vi10 appears to be different than what is pictured with the Hi10, the magnetic connection seems to be separated from the keyboard by fabric. The pictures of the Hi10 show a hinge integrated with the keyboard so that it can stand up on its own, similar to the Asus Transformer line. I’d hate to get a cheap copy that’s not official and integrated like the Asus one is.

  7. Hi Chris,
    That Teclast X2 Pro is VERY tempting, but the description is also VERY confusing! Do you know whether it is Win10 only, or dual-boot? Most of the description only mentions official Win 10, but it also mentions downloading apps from the Play Store? If it is dual-boot, the full package with official keyboard and official stylus at only around $AUS640 is a great price for a core-m tablet.


    • It’s Windows 10 only, but did come with an Android emulator preinstalled. This is why they say Play Stoe I think. The emulator was mostly in Chinese and I didn’t both with it. Make sure you check my review out: http://techtablets.com/teclast-x2-pro/review/ There is also the Core M Cube i7 which is also a good Core M for the price http://techtablets.com/cube-i7-stylus/review/

      • Hi Chris,
        Thanks for the clarification. I am looking for a dual-boot, so looks like I might have to wait until they sort out the heat problems with the Z8300 tablets. Pity, I liked the specs and price of the X2 Pro. The Cube i7 Core M looks to be Win only as well. Have you reviewed the X1 Pro yet, I couldn’t find a review anywhere.

        • I won’t be reviewing the X1 Pro, its price is almost as much as a Surface 3 Pro. And too much to spend on a review unit. Z8500 seems hot, not sure yet on the Z8300 but I should have my first Cherry Trail X5 Z8300 this coming week in the form of the Onda V820w CH.

          • Yeah, meant the Z8500, slip of the keys! If/when they bring out a REAL dual-boot version of the X2 Pro, it would just about meet my needs but if not, I will probably be looking at a dual-boot Z8300/8500 if they get the heat problems sorted.

        • Your in the same boat I am. I would’ve bought the x2 by now if it were dual boot, seems none of the core m are unfortunately.

          • I assume the BIOS on these devices support UEFI booting, so one *should* be able to install Android and Linux along side Windows (dual-boot or multi-boot) via USB. Not so easy to do, but should be possible.

  8. I really want to know if hi8 pro comes with an HDMI port. HDMI is a must have for me.

  9. Chris:
    I guess you will be buying some tablets to review, on this flash sale =)

  10. Chris, that Vi10 pro is listed by Gearbest for $150 but without the keyboard. Is that still a good deal?

    • Not bad, I paid around 160 for my 32gb when it came out. I always recommend 64GB at least if you’re going for a dual os tablet. 32GB is never enough split between two operating systems.

  11. Oh god all the Cherry Trail 8 inches tablets with deals… which one?, the Chuwi Hi8 or the Teclast X80 Pro?????

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