Onda V919 3G Core M coming 1st of August

Onda V919 3G Core M coming 1st of August

The Core M version of Onda’s V919 Air 3G has now been listed (early) on JD.com Specs: 5Y10 Core M up to 2.0Ghz, 4GB of Ram, 64GB SSD, 3G and of course that iPad retina 4:3 display. All good, until I read 8000mAH battery and saw it’s a using USB 2. What I can’t make out is why are they only using a microusb 2.0 port and not at least mircousb 3.0 which the Core M supports? A 8000mAH battery isn’t going to be wonderful. Around 4 hours battery life? The current Core M models I have reviewed or in the process of reviewing have 10000mAH batteries and last around 5 hours only. So this is only going to be less.

And the price, 1999 yuan. Which is arounf $321. Which means $370 to $400 from retailers that export it and mark up the price up in return.

Here are the official Onda V919 3G Core M images:

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  1. I have news. I wrote to Teclast yesterday:
    do you have any plans to release a tablet like this with core M? Estimated date?

    Yes we will release it about 15th JULY

    International Marketing Department
    Guangzhou Shangke Information Technology Co.,LTD

  2. I think Teclast do something better as usually 🙂 Intel CPU will make it shine.

    • Many people report Teclast as having better screens, and I doubt they’ll be any exception when they bring out a Core M X98. I wonder if this version will feature exploding batteries, same as previous Onda models LOL

      • Bonus exploding batteries haha. You wouldn’t want that happening on a flight, scary thought.

        • It’s a special feature only offered by Onda! Just Google it. They’ve several different models featuring this novelty. 🙂

          • Yes, I’ve seen the forum thread. Not good. At least none of mine have exploded on me. My V975w had a 3 hour battery life and HWinfo said the battery had been cycled some 300 times, but it was new. I think they used recycled batteries or something.

  3. very interested too, @chris you made me wish for a tablet with laminated screen =) I was ready for teclast x98 air 3g until you described the gap.

    • Gap is not bad on the X98 Air 3G, it’s worse on the X10HD, it’s about twice as bad. Not really a deal breaker for me. Sure laminated is always nicer to have. But it’s more expensive and more costly for repairs.

  4. @Onda, please send me one so I can review it for you 🙂 *Cough* Not going to happen, none of the Chinese co’s listen to my review unit requests. I think they are scared of an honest review. But in all seriousness. Do people want to see this reviewed. What’s the interest in this one?

    • Super interested Chris! I’ve been holding out on buying a tablet since this was announced. Have been looking for a 4:3 tablet with a decent processor and the Surface 3 is too expensive for an Atom. Waiting to see if it passes your review, since you’re so thorough!

      Interestingly the mockups don’t seem to have any charging ports, considering the Cube i7 and Onda v116w both require dedicated chargers. Does the USB2 micro connector have enough juice to power a Core M?

    • Very interested in a review, this is actually a very very interesting tablet. First 4:3 core m, plus they are cramming in a core m into a very slim, small and light design and coupled with an ssd and 4gb ram I will actually be able to do work on this thing (install ubuntu, bit of coding at conferences etc) so willing to make a sacrifice on battery size. Plus if its still musb charging I can use a portable battery to give myself a bit more life and not have to travel with an extra power brick.

      I just hope they deal with the thermals, this thing will be no good if it constantly throttles… also improve wireless a bit its really annoying having a 200mbit internet and only being able to use a fraction of it.

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