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Ondas Core M iPad clone V919 3G Coming soon

Onda V919 Air 3G Dual boot

Been a while since we heard anything on this model. But Onda have again teased it on their Weibo account (Translated):

# Onda Core M super present # [new] exposure Onda new paragraph Core M# Onda V919 3G Core M # Coming Soon! The powerful performance of the new Intel Core M processor, with 9.7 inches retina screen Air original perfect combination to create the world’s first 9.7 inches Core M combo super this. Slim more convenient to carry, and has the industry’s most powerful flat performance. For this new machine friends, how do you see? Tell little of it!

Judging from the press images, this Core M 5Y10 retina tablet looks to have the same build as the V919 Air 3G I reviewed, which is disappointing if it’s exactly the same design. Will it only have a mono speaker and that horrible plastic microsd and micro sim cover you have to remove every time you want to access them?

The V919 Air 3G's sim and microsd card slots are hidden behind this flimsy cover.

The V919 Air 3G’s sim and microsd card slots are hidden behind this flimsy cover.

Still seems interesting Core M power with a sharp 4:3 Retina screen, but if it’s going to cost $400 or more, I doubt it will sell well. Looks like it has a Micro USB 2 port (What no USB 3.0?) and a slim design. No word on if it’s dual boot or not like the V919 Air 3G, Is this something you would buy if priced right?

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  1. Interesting… Now it’s listed on JD.com at same prize than Cube i7 Stylus (1999 Yuan, 322 $): http://item.jd.com/1596487403.html

  2. We have yet to see any Core M tablet comes with dual boot so far. Will Onda be the first?

  3. Hi Chris,

    I’m wondering what a battery life would be if they retain iPad thickness. Core M, I assume, need more power that Atoms (and ARMs).


    • I would think it would have to be thicker, or the battery life would only be 3 hours or so.

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