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Cube i7 Remix Unboxing And Hands On And First Impressions

Cube i7 Remix Unboxing And Hands On And First Impressions

The Cube i7 Remix arrived today. It’s very similar to the Cube i7 on the outside. But very different internals, an Atom Z3635F 1.8Ghz top boost speed, 2GB single channel ram, 32GB eMMC and that custom Remix OS. That’s the same one the Remix tablet from Jide runs. It’s their OS, which is now running on other tablets and why not, it’s a nice take on Android with a better focus on multitasking and getting work done. Here’s the boxing and hands-on video:

My first impressions:


  • Excellent build quality
  • Same quality keyboard dock as the i7, with two x usb 2.0 ports and a good typing experience.
  • Separate MicroUSB for charging and OTG port, so you can charge and still use the data.
  • Thin for its size
  • Feels quite premium, much more than its price tag that’s for sure.
  • Good screen
  • GPS and ambient light sensor onboard



  • No Play Store installed. **Edit: Here is how to get Google Play on the i7 Remix
  • Heavy as a tablet
  • Windows logo on the front? It doesn’t run Windows, even if the hardware could run it.
  • Remix OS is still in its infancy, some minor bugs might still be present.


Best price $188 for just the tablet at the official keyboard can be found on for $45.

I’ll be running some benchmarks and various other tests on the system and some gaming. So stay tuned if you’re interesting to the Tech Tablets YouTube channel.

Oh and I’m waiting on the Cube i7 Stylus. Hopefully, I will have it early next week!

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  1. It lacks OGS, but comes with Retina OSG.


  2. Which Antutu score is beter – Chuwi Vi8 Ultimate or Chuwi Vi10 Dual OS?

  3. Ooh i7 Stylus. Quite excited despite its silly narrow display. On reflection, it seems a bit odd to call it i7 at all since these other i7s have 11.6in screens…

    • 16:10 1920 x 1200 would have been better personally. Agreed, they should have just named it the Cube Stylus Core M or something like that.

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