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How to get Google Play on the Cube i7 Remix

How to get Google Play on the Cube i7 Remix

The rom on my Cube i7 while it is in English, lacks Google Play and China doesn’t have access to the Play store so often Google Play and Google services are simply left out and not a part of the roms build.

After messing around trying to manually install Google Play on my I7 Remix, I found a quicker solution and that is to just flash an English overseas Cube i7 Remix rom that has Google Play included. Problem solved! It’s just like flashing another other Android rom to an Intel atom powered tablet using the Intel MFG Flash Tool.

Flashing this rom requires a Windows computer. Download the latest Google Play i7 Remix Rom:

I7 Remix-B2015092001-signed
I7 Remix-B2015092001-signed
1.1 GiB
I7-cx Remix-2015052202 With Google Play Store
I7-cx Remix-2015052202 With Google Play Store
i7-cx_remix-2015052202 with Google Play Store.rar
583 MiB

Then install the drivers and Intel Flash Tool. Now in the download you will a CUSTOM_CONFIG.ini file and a reghack. Merge the reg hack (double click it) which will set the correct device ids and move/copy the custom config file inside the Intel Flash tool folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Manufacturing Flash Tool

Reboot your PC just to make sure the drivers take. Now once up and running again run the Intel MFG Tool as administrator and select the Flash.xml file in the i7 Remix Google Play Rom folder you extracted from the down here.

Put your i7 Remix into DX mode. Power it off and reboot hold Power + Volume up.

Now connect your i7 Remix to your PC and make sure you use the DC 5v microusb plug and not the OTG one. Wait for it to finish, then select reboot with the volume buttons. Now have Google Play and the June 10th Remix OS update. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi there
    I just bought a Tablet Cube Remix i7, but I have been several problems.
      – The first is that I can not put the operating system in Spanish.
      – The second when I install applications from their own shop tablet, or install apk. it appears that the installation is complete but not the application appears. To sum will not let me install anything.
    – I’m not allowed to remove the Chinese applications that come by default.

    Could someone please guide me. I’m a little desperate I can no longer use q. practicamn me alone applications is the default tablet.

  2. Does anyone know if the above would work for a Onda V919 Air Dual Boot 9.7 Inch Z3736F Windows + Android 2GB 64GB Tablet please?

    Would the ROM be compatible? It has the same processor.

  3. Hi,
    Could you enter into Intel bios? boot with keyboard +sup Esc and see boot options. Do you know if it is possible to boot/install from linux?

  4. Hi there! Sorry for digging up this old news item, but just got one of these myself and loving it!
    (just hoping we’ll see Remix 1.5 soon or a CM rom if all else fails!)

    Just a quick question, Chris, what would you recommend to root it?
    Have tried Kingroot but no luck!


    • Just a heads up.

      I received a i7 from one of the bigger china resellers who I have had no issues with in the past.
      It came with a rom which had several preinstalled apps in the rom, Twitter , Youtube and supersu.
      both the twitter and youtube apps are infected with trojans so beware.
      The rom is also very unstable.
      I flashed with the one from here and all is now good 🙂


  5. I have done exatcly what you wrote, but when I connect my PC and I7 remix nothing happens… any ideas????

    • Sounds like missing drivers to me. Or you need to use the other MicroUSB port the charging on for flashing.

      • NOW IT WORKS!! I have an I7 Remix with Google Play Store

        What I did:

        1. First uninstalled all drivers.
        2. Then I used YOUR files Chris, BUT I used this guide instead:
        (There are some more details about the MFT settings that did the job)

        But thank you for your answer! 🙂

  6. Hello,

    i’ve tried to flash the rom but i’ve got an error message at the beginning of the flash :
    09/08/15 13:15:35.354 INFO : Ready to flash!
    09/08/15 13:15:41.254 INFO : do_new_medfield_device STARTING TO FLASH
    09/08/15 13:15:41.254 INFO : Port 0/0/3 #0: DNX/droidboot phase – SN : Baytrail43E410AA
    09/08/15 13:17:43.326 ERROR : Port 0/0/3 #0: Booting to droidboot.img failed – SN : Baytrail43E410AA

    it will be great if you can help me


  7. Are new cube i7 remix units being shipped rooted and with Google play?

    Mine purchased from GearBest last week is like that.

  8. Gotta say, I love this beast. I may not have all the Remix 1.5 features, but I’ve been able to set mine up to be quite productive.

    Next time you have errors, leave a message that includes the actual error message and perhaps we can help.

  9. Hi Chris, Since yesterday I have a Chuwi vi7 but it do not have google services, I allready install it using this, and look almost done but still google drive service stop working, do no let me install anything
    Do I need to fash it? (no othey way?)
    Is it not danguerous?
    Did i got lost andoid 5.1.1 last version android?
    This remix has andoid 5.1.1 version?

  10. I purchased a Remix while in China and am now attempting your process. I believe I’ve followed it precisely, but the Manufacturing Flash tool does not automatically begin the flash process. I’ve tried several times including changing the USB port being used on my Windows computer (a recommendation from Intel’s documentation).

    This is the log I get:
    08/13/15 12:13:52.643 INFO : Manufacturing Flash Tool V 6.0.43 (build on Sun May 18 12:29:29 PDT 2014)
    08/13/15 12:13:52.653 INFO : Loading settings from C:/ProgramData/INTEL/Manufacturing Flash Tool.ini
    08/13/15 12:13:52.673 INFO : Using Qt version: 4.8.1
    08/13/15 12:13:52.673 INFO : Using XFSTK version: 1.5.5.
    08/13/15 12:13:52.673 WARNING: Please select a flash file…
    08/13/15 12:13:57.359 INFO : Loading Flash file (C:/Users/bradley_norris/Downloads/i7-cx_remix-2015052202 with Google Play Store/i7-cx_remix-2015052202 with Google Play Store/ROM with Play Store May 2015/flash .xml)
    08/13/15 12:13:57.359 INFO : GP_Flag is set to 0x80000045
    08/13/15 12:13:57.369 INFO : Ready to flash!

    Any suggestions?

    • SUCCESS – I followed the included documentation, which requires a couple of settings changes and it worked perfectly. Thank you for this!

  11. Hello.
    This rom has Spanish language?
    Is there any way to root?
    Thank you.

  12. Hi I have tried many times to get the ROM etc so I can flash my Cube i7 remix.
    The download works fine, but every time I try to UnZip the file I get errors and it closes down.
    Is there something wrong with the file or is it something I am doing wrong.
    Can someone help me please.

    • Please use winrar to extract the image.

      • Chris Thanks but it still doesn’t work.
        I’ve sold the Cube now because I am sick of it. Thanks.

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