New Pipo 8.9″ Dual boot. The PiPo W4S 8.9″

New Pipo 8.9″ Dual boot. The PiPo W4S 8.9″

New, well not really. I see it’s an upgraded Pipo W4, with better cameras and a new 64GB eMMC size. The rest of the specs remain unchanged. Atom Z3735F (1.8Ghz)  2GB, the usual, see the specs below. The key stand out feature is the 1920 x 1200 Samsung PLS screen. With the release of Windows 10 so close, I would have though they would be holding off on new releases.

Pipo W4S specs

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  1. Hey stroppirob, would you be kind make review of this w6s?

  2. PLS screen so it should be nice. I to find 8 inchs to small and I agree 8.9 is the smallest you would want to go. I’s a shame they didn’t do more than just add a 64gb eMMC. What about adding the Z3736F, a small bump in speed to?

    • The original W6 has the Z3735F, I have no complaints whatsoever on web browsing and launching and running apps. Everything seems reasonably zippy and smooth. If the Z3736F has a noticeable improvement on speed so much the better. There are a couple of things that niggle away at me about the W6 1 when streaming music apps via Bluetooth the tracks can keep skipping or the app will crash, however if you use a wired headset or speaker everything works fine. 2 I like to use photo editing apps on the fly with my tablet. If you do too much editing to a photo the app will sometimes crash, which is more than a little frustrating if you have spent the last half hour creating your latest masterpiece! That last one could be because of the 2GB of RAM, An upgrade to 4GB would be great but no one seems to want to do that for a bay or cherrytrail economy tablet.

  3. If this is their 8.9″ tablet it should be the W6S. I use the W6 and have to admit it is a fantastic screen compared to some of the big name brand players out there. Although it is only a five point touch screen I have never had a problem with playing games or using apps from the windows store. I know a lot of people complain about Pipo’s built quality but I’ve never had a problem. I have tried using 8″ Windows tablets but when it comes to using the desk top the screen is just too small. If you ever need to use the desktop on a small Windows tablet 8.9″ is the smallest I would ever recommend.

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