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PiPo W4S Vs Chuwi Vi8 comparison. Which is better?

PiPo W4S Vs Chuwi Vi8 comparison. Which is better?

The Pipo W4S is the updated version of the 8 inch W4, and the Chuwi Vi8 is a dual boot 8″ similar to the W4S. So which one of these tablets is better? Here is a quick video comparison:

Reasons to choose the Chuwi Vi8 over the PiPo W4S

  • Google Play works out of the box. No google play was installed on my W4S
  • Cheaper price
  • Brighter screen
  • Microsd card slot doesn’t have issues in Windows

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Reasons to go with the PiPo W4S over the Chuwi Vi8:

  • Larger 64GB of eMMC storage
  • Faster 4K random reads and writes on the eMMC
  • Better cameras
  • HDMI cable works much better (Vi8 I have to really force it in)

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It’s to be noted that both these entry level tablets have terrible rear mono loud speakers, they lack volume and clarity. You can pick up the W4S for around 129 here: And the Chuwi Vi8 is a cheaper around $109

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  1. Can u tell me how to remove pipo battery to change another one? T.T

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