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Onda v919 3G Core M now in-stock and selling for $370

Onda v919 3G Core M now in-stock and selling for $370

The Onda v919 Core M has just popped up on Banggood.com‘s site, with the cheapest price at the moment of $389 I’ve spotted. It looks to be in stock. The Onda v919 3G is Onda’s latest tablet with a 9.7″ Retina IPS panel,  Intel Core M 5Y10, 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD.

I’m wondering if I should cancel my AliExpress order now it’s available there and for cheaper….

Edit: Thanks to Bills comment below if you use code b185f7, you save a further $19.50 bringing the price down to $370.

Update: It’s defiantly now in stock, mine has shipped and I canceled my Aliexpress order. Should have it in 10 days or sooner.

Source: Banggood.com

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  1. I ordered just before you posted this, it actually looks like it isn’t in stock as banggood usually say “in stock dispatched in 1-3 days” this doesn’t say that (6-9 days instead). Still I guess it won’t be long, plus its a good price as you say and probably better aftersales than aliexpress so I went with it.

    • Forgot to add I used this code: b185f7 and got another 5% off

    • My seller in Aliexpress is messing with me in regards to stock. They said they would have stock by Friday. But it seems not, If they can’t get it this week and ship it this week with DHL I will cancel and order it from BG. I’m really getting tired of the tactics AliExpress sellers use nowadays on the site. “Yes we have it, but you must order now and we ship it fast” And then you waits weeks for it to ship and just hear excuses.

    • Aliexpress seller told me this today:

      Hello dear, I am so sorry to inform you that this tablet can’t support multi-language, only support Chinese. Now we are trying to solve the problem.

      So it must have the Windows 10 Chinese only edition. Oh dear, we could have issues once our Banggood ones arrive?

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