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Onda v919 3G Core M Officially Released

The first 4:3 Retina screen 9.7" Core M has been Released.

Onda v919 3G Core M Officially Released

Ona have announced the v919 3G Core M Retina tablet has been released. To celebrate the have a limited sale on which includes a free Bluetooth keyboard, the tablet is priced at 1999 Yuan on Tmall (Chinese) which is about $319 USD. Once it hits retailers (It’s already listed on AliExpress, Tinydeal and others) expect it to be around $400 after they add their cut to it.

I will try and get my hands on one to review, but I have no idea how to buy it from Tmall, do they even ship outside of China?

Here are some official photoshopped press images:

The Specs: Note only micro USB 2.0 and Not microUSB 3.0 and mono speaker like the first v919
Onda v919 3g core m specs 1
Onda v919 3g core m specs

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  1. I ordered mine from http://www.onda-tablet.com. I can’t vouch for them but they do take PayPal so there is a bit of protection. They’re saying it will ship Aug. 5th

    A few quick commen’s / wis he’s . I own a v919 dual 3g and I am more or less happy with it.

    1) I wish they would have released a none 3g version first or at least a 4g model first. In North America 3g is dated. I tether to my phone.

    2) Wish they included GPS and a brightness sensor

    3) My Chinese is rusty or should I say nonexistent but looking on their home page it appears the power supply maybe 12 volts. So much for using my battery packs on long flights.

    4) it appears that the dual boot feature may not be installed when it first ships. Android will be added at a later date. I can’t confirm.

    5) How tough would it be to add internal magnets to help keep my smart case cover closed.

    6) Micro HDMI port appears to be under the plastic cover at the top. The plastic on my V919 is very flimsy so I am not sure if it could handle constant wear.

    7) A mono speaker isn’t a big issue. The stereo separation on tablets is poor to begin with. A bit more volume would be nice.


  2. There are crowds online who will buy from tmall for you and ship to you. But its a lot if money to risk.

    • Yes, it’s too risky. Send somebody cash to buy it on your behalf and then never hear from them again.

  3. It’s incredible how core m device price are dropping. I am almost sure if I wait one year I will find some device at lower than 200 €. Unfortunatly I need a tablet for this year for less than 200 €.

    • Yes once the new models come out, it might get much lower than 300. But you’ll have to wait and I’m not sure it would be worth it.

  4. i heard that onda v919 3g intel core m will be with dual os, windows 10 and lollipop 5.1, is that correct or it include just windows os?

    • Its correct dual boot .

      • Not a true dual boot, it will have an Android emulator I think.

        • Many taobao agents ship stuff bought from taobao or tmall to other countries. I’m not sure they will ship any phone or tablet as it has a battery in it.

        • Let’s hope it isnt an emulator. Their translated promo page states “Perfect dual system without having to install the simulator, direct native support”. But having dealt with Chinese tech companies for a number of years what is said and what ends up being true are two separate things.

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