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Xiaomi MI PAD 2 Might Just Be Real Afterall

Xiaomi MI PAD 2 Might Just Be Real Afterall

The long rumored Mi Pad 2, just got more real recently with an alleged MiPad 2 benchmark popping up on Geekbench 3 with an Atom X5 Z8500. Unlike the first MiPad which is Android only, the MiPad is rumored to be a dual boot device, no doubt due to sliding Android tablet sales.

This test was run Android 5.1 and the device tested has 2GB of Ram. The X98 Pro has 4GB, and Xiaomi choose to run with only 2GB? I hope it’s just an early development unit. I would love to see Xiaomi’s take on a dual boot retina ┬átablet.

Geekbench 3 Xiamoi MiPad 2 score.

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  1. I just bought one from Tinydeal, some Chinese online reseller like Banggood, it is in stock now, I think they maybe purchase from Taobao.com then resell it. http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-mipad-2-79-android-51-z8500-2gb-16gb-tablet-pc-p-157280.html

  2. The release in the official english forum speaks nothing of dual boot…


  3. Mi Pad2 is out


    Original link

    As SEN said windows 10 and MIUI are seperate devices, no dual boot and it is 2gb ram with Z8500 (omg …)

  4. I am almost certain Xiaomi wont release a dual boot tablet. They may release separate devices for windows and android, like lenovo did with their yoga tablet series.

  5. i hope tha it’s a fake, because 2 gb of ram for z8500 is a joke. jajaja

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