Deals: GearBest Christmas Snap Up Sale

Deals: GearBest Christmas Snap Up Sale

Gearbest has their Christmas sale now one, there are some tablets and other items like mobile phones with some nice discounts. But limited supply on these sale items.

The Christmas sale page is here. Some examples:

  • Teclast X98 Air III – $121.79 – 20 units at this price
  • Teclast X2 Pro Core M – $386, 50 units only.
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 – $145, 70 units only.


And coupon 8STOREWIDE will give you 8% off all items site wide.

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  1. HEY chris check this out~ turnmeon just releast m8 glass/writer , 8 inch chinese windows tablet with awesome screen and stylus for under 100 US DOLLER~

  2. Well. Good luck getting an airIII

    I ordered my 2 units on 26/11 and they are still not shipped. I asked Gearbest what is going on last week and they told me that they are out of stock…

    And now they have 20pcs at a special price… Go figure ehh…

    • Same here. Ordered it Nov 25. 1 unit. Asked them a week later and told them what the status is. No stock. Told them I’ll change my order, suddenly, they have stock and was labelled shipped thru DHL. After 1 week, x98 air III still not here, asked DHL. Guess what, DHL said they didn’ treceive the package yet. Tsk tsk need help with this

      • I bought a windows tablet from them. If you create a ticket on Gearbest, they will auto create shipping label but they wont ship it until the 2nd or 3rd week. I ordered mine on Nov 27th and then I created a ticket on Dec 1st I got the tracking number on the same day. Then I waited another week and then I created another ticket but they didn’t answer my 2nd ticket until Dec 12th. This time it was a real person named “Lani” and she said “We have asked our colleague to investigate the matter. Could you please wait one week to check more details?”

        My package is ship by DHL Express. On Gearbest website, it say it will get here 3-7days but its been over 3 weeks. The tablet is coming tom and I might have to record it while unboxing. Just to make sure I’m not missing anything from the box and the tablet is working fine.

      • Well, only reason I havent cancelled my order yet is that it is too late to get anything before Christmas now… So I figured I will wait another week or so but from now on I will be ordering from Bang… Had a very good experience buying from them. Very quick reply to questions, immediate dispatch and delivery (normal airmail) took 8 days… Only downpart is that they repack items and original box is omitted… I will ask Bang if it is possible to include this next time…

  3. Thanks for the information.

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