Beelink Intel BT3 Atom X5 Z8300 Flash Sale (Update)

Beelink Intel BT3 Atom X5 Z8300 Flash Sale (Update)

Update: Checking again today, I see that GearBest has 50 more units up for sale and the price has dropped further to $118.

Gearbest has a flash sale today on the Beelink BT3 Atom X5 Z8300 mini pc. This unit looks interesting as a media play or light pc as it has dual band Wifi, 1000mbps LAN and a huge heat sink on the Atom X5 SoC which means it shouldn’t overheat and throttle over long periods of use unlike some Mini PC’s I’ve tested.

The price is now $129 USD $118.99, with only 20 units at this price. Which isn’t a bad deal.

Other specs of the BT3 include two eMMC drives which is rare, a C 40GB drive with Windows installed and a D: Drive with 20GB free for your media files etc. The unit is running Windows 10 Home.




Source: GearBest Beelink Bt3

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  1. Nice little device, though I got a serious problem with it. No matter what I try I cannot get this box to boot from my USB stick. USB is formatted with UEFI GPT Partition scheme, stick is recognized and choosen as boot device but the BT3 simply ignores it and boot straight into windows. Tried to contact support but got no answer so far.
    If you just want to run win10 its fine but everyone else like me, who planned to install Linux, Openelec :
    Hands off!

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