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Teclast X98 Plus Announced, Another Cherry Trail 9.7″ Tablet

Teclast X98 Plus Announced, Another Cherry Trail 9.7″ Tablet

Teclast has announced on Weibo yet another 9.7″ Retina tablet. It features the slightly slower X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail than the X98 Pro. No other specs were confirmed, OS or price but it does have the new Teclast Air III unibody casing.

My rough guess is it will cost around $170-$180 USD, if the X98 Pro is now $219 it’s got to be much less.

Teclast X98 Plus

I assume it will have 2GB of RAM and a 32GB/64GB eMMC versions, MicroSD card slot and HDMI. 8000mAH battery? Windows 10 and later dual boot with Android 5.1? It might just have better battery life than the X98 Pro, due to the less powerful Atom and half the ram. We will have to see. Yes, I will try to get one to review.

So many Cherry Trails now being released or coming soon (In time for 11/11) See what I have planned to review.

Teclast X98 Plus (Cherry Trail X5 Z8300) Press images:

Teclast X98 Plus 1 Teclast X98 Plus 2 Teclast X98 Plus 3

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  1. Like the sound of the X98 Pro+ and it will be dual boot from the get go unlike the X98 Plus. I hope Teclast get the R&D right and go on to release an international version as it might be just the job for me. I was tempted to buy something in the 11.11 sale but it was all a bit too frantic and confusing for me. As long as these chinese tablets continue to be rushed to market at a manic pace, it’s a defnitely a case of ‘buy in haste, repent at leisure’ at the moment.

    • Well I hope to have an X98 Plus next week. The new metal housing I have on the Air III and I must say it feels better in hand and stronger. But makes it look a little thicker.

  2. You should take a look at Teclast Korea. They are releasing Teclast x98 Pro Plus. They took into account of the heating issue and added eGraf SS-610CU to manage the issue.

    Teclast Korea. x98 Pro Plus

    It will be on the market on November 18th.

    • This tablet looks interesting, I noticed on the page it also mentions something about Nvidia Mobile Chipset and Cuda / Physix support – This would potentially be good for gaming. But I can’t read the Korean. Hopefully this will be available outside of Korea.

  3. Chris, are you a Kiwi? The wife said “Oh you’re watching another one of that Kiwi tablet videos” and I wasn’t sure

    • Yes. NZ->UK->Spain .. he mentioned it somewhere.

    • Yes I’m from Auckland, NZ and live in Spain nowadays. But back home for Xmas!

  4. Chris, it’s 4GB. Sent you an email.

  5. Teclast X98 Plus support Usb 3.0?

  6. Hi hopes for the X98 Plus. My Chuwi Hi8 screen size is a touch too small for me. I’m not a serious tablet gamer so this should hit my sweet spot on price v performance. All depends on the pricing and how it performs on test. Over to you Chris.

  7. I see TEclast have a 9.7 LTE tablet with ARM and Android only. The idiots have NOT got B20 support (800MHz) which is a universal throughout Europe. Way to kill a chunk of your market! Hope they fix that before the X98 Pro 4G comes out

    • Hopefully they don’t use the same modem in the X98 Pro 4G.

  8. According to this tmall offer it comes with 4GB of Ram, 64GB emmc, Windows only and is going to be released on Nov. 11 for RMB 999:
    If this stays cooler than the X98 Pro it could hit a really sweet spot, maybe even cannibalize the X98 Pro.

    • Please let it cannibalize the X98 Pro and give it 4GB!

      • it would be nice, but Z8300 support only 2GB 🙁

        • Officially that is, maybe they found a way?

          • Apparently they have. Teclast just sent me a message that it will have 4GB of RAM.

    • One of the pictures in the tmall link shows that the process is x5-Z8500, which supports upto 8 GB RAM. Perhaps the processor is not Z8300, but is Z8500?

      • Maybe, I guess when I get it for my review I will be able to confirm Z8300 or Z8500.

  9. Where are the 3G/4G models?!??!? Not buying one without connectivity

  10. Damn, things get quite confusing. Kernel panic 🙂

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