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Chuwi Hi8 Pro Battery & Power Issues? (Update)

Chuwi Hi8 Pro Battery & Power Issues? (Update)

Stay clear of the Hi8 Pro for now, many users including myself have powering on issues and battery calibration problems. And even some owners have reported the units dying completely in the forum.

It was all smooth sailing for my Hi8 Pro, until it suddenly died on me with around 36% battery when running 3DMark. It powered on 3 times and off, finally reporting I had 2% battery. So I suddenly lost 34% battery? Or it was almost dead to begin with it seems and the battery levels are not being reported correctly. It would not power on, but holding the power button for 12 seconds and then letting it charge overnight it’s alive again. But others haven’t been so lucky.

So for now, I recommend the Chuwi Vi8 Plus which is working perfectly, with good thermals and free of this issue.

Chuwi Hi8 owners. Do you have issues with your Hi8 Pro? Please post in this thread.


Well as soon as I posted this I got a message from my Aliexpress seller, Chuwi is aware of the issue and working on a software fix. A bios update I guess?

My message:

Chuwi Hi8 Pro

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  1. Hi guys, jusf want to share the solution of dead issue or deep sleep..whatever it is called?. I installed wake lock from playstore and its working, no more deep sleep. Just try it. Sorry for my poor english….

  2. Have the problems with this tablet been resolved with the dual OS model? I’m looking into buying one of these chinese tablets.

  3. i want to buy this, but after doing some research, it appears that the model that features the dual boot option has this battery issue corrected. is that true? on that particular model, can i just wipe out the android partition and use windows 10 instead with full disk space? i could care less for android on a tablet.

  4. Guys, in Windows 10 you can set the battery level for your low, reserve and critical notifications/ actions, I did it with 50%,45%,40% respectively and it’s ok. Once 50% in my case I might have a bit less that 10 min (with wifi, bluetooth, etc on) till reaches 40% and in my case hibernates (and dies if not do anything soon).

    It’s not the ideal solution but it helps avoiding it dying suddenly.
    Total battery life is a bit short anyway as might go up to 2-2.5 hs

  5. I had same issues with chuwi hi8 pro not starting, the only way to start it was to get into the bios (don’t remember how but google it) and then turn it on which worked ok, and after a few days (aliexpress seller told me might be updating something which was weird as tablet seemed dead) it started working ok.

    Since then works fine but have the same issue than you guys with the tablet dying when reaching approx 40%. Is there any way to get a reminder in Windows 10 when the battery gets to that level? I know is not the ideal solution but in the meantime while waiting for chuwi to issue some fixes.

    Finally my latest issues is with the HDMI out as I tried a couple of different cables and couldn’t connect it to the TV, also tries another TV, so it seems to not be working at all. Anybody else with this issue? any idea?

    • No way to get an alert when it’s at 40%, but I use battery bar pro and just keep an eye on it. Still very annoying, the new dual os model now listing on apparently fixes the issue. My Hdmi works.

      • Should I lose the hope to get the fixes for the windows 10 version? :-S

        • Yes, I have. I don’t think Chuwi care, otherwise we would have a new bios update, drivers and a proper fix. But instead they fix the new model and want us to buy the Hi8 Pro dual OS.

  6. Hi,
    my Hi8Pro got Black several times now,
    what i have observed now – whenever it does not start,
    i just leave it – without charging – a couple of days.
    When the battery is absolutely empty then “0%” the tab is able to start charging.
    After a few percent of charging, it boots up as normal with the old date and time.

    Had anyone ever tried a BIOS update?


  7. I also had a battery problem with the Vi8 plus I ordered. While the first few hours the tablet was being charged, orange light blinked contiuously, but then it stopped. I was never able to turn the thing on.

    FYI, a Hi8 user on this blog reports to have solved the issue by resoldering the battery connection.

    Do you think this method can work? If there’s hope, I can settle with a partial refund and avoid the hassle sendin the item to China.

  8. CHRIS!, bangood stated:

    Chuwi HI8 Pro Dual OS Tablet will be arrive at the end of this month.”

    seems like chuwi fix it (hopefully)

    im painfully waiting for this tablet for 4 month by now :/

  9. Any update for hi8 pro till now?

  10. I’m looking for a tablet 8″. Hi 8 Pro for 73$ – will you recommend?

    any possibilities in the future for android on it?

  11. Hey chris
    I’m interested in Tablet 8 inch
    to run the Internet. Read the pdf and presentation.

    (iwork8 ultimate, Vi8plus, Hi8pro, X80plus)
    4. option above, which is the most efficient Wifi and best choice ?
    ( your video review on youtube is best, but my listenning skill is not good )


  12. Hey chris,Should I go for teclast x80 plus or wait for pro..and please update x80 plus details on your website..

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