Chuwi HiBox-Hero Review

Chuwi’s first mini PC isn’t a bad attempt, it’s the revised Atom X5 Z8350, 4GB of RAM and dual OS. Runs both Windows 10 Home and Android 5.1 which is getting a little old now. The mini PC has 3 USB ports, one of which is USB 3.0, they can all power external hard drives and that USB 3.0 port runs at proper USB 3.0 speeds. It also supports a mini remote which also has an air mouse ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi13 Official Specs

The new Chuwi Hi13 will run the new Celeron N3450 Apollo Lake. 14nm, with Gen9 Intel HD 500 graphics with 12 EU cores (Same as the Atom Z83X0). With a maximum turbo of 2.2Ghz, it has 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 64GB for storage eMMC runs Windows 10 Home (For now) I sure hope they have plans for a dual OS version. Remember the Hi12 first only came with Windows 10 so hopefully there will be a larger dual ...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi13 Will Be Announced At CES 2017 (Updated with Official Images)

Update 5th Jan: Chuwi just posted this image on their Weibo account today. We can see it looks like a larger version of the Hi12. Transformer style dock confirmed, looks to be made out of metal and should have two USB ports both left and right. Thanks to David that brought this one to my attention, At CES 2017 in Las vegas (Due to kick off tomorrow) The Chuwi Hi13 will be officially announced by C...[Read More]

Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 Apollo Lake N3450 (Updated)

Update: 20th December. The official price will be $299 USD and it’s due to be released on the 22nd of December. And yes, I’ve ordered one so it will get a full review. Chuwi’s second laptop the Lapbook 14.1 (Called that because it has a 14.1″ 1080p IPS screen) is coming at the end of this month. This model is a step up from the first Lapbook the 15.6″ model with a wea...[Read More]

Chuwi Dual OS MiniPC The HiBox-Hero

Update: now has it in stock, $129.99 with coupon GBCWH. Chuwi just entered the notebook market with the Chuwi Lapbook series, and now Mini PC’s. The HiBox-Hero is a dual OS mini PC, I have only seen Android or Windows 10, so this is good to see. It’s got the revised Atom X5 Z8350, 4GB of RAM and dual-band wireless AC. 64GB of internal storage and a 1000M Lan port. USB port...[Read More]

Chuwi LapBook Review Now Online

If you missed it on the YouTube channel, here is the LapBook review below, the summary with pros and cons is here: Chuwi LapBook Review overall it’s a good first laptop I feel from Chuwi, but not perfect. But I really look forward to reviewing the faster 14.1″ Apollo lake N3450 version which I see is coming (Just listed on GearBest for preorder) And those asking me is this better than ...[Read More]

Deals: Big Black Friday Chuwi Sale On Aliexpress

With Black Friday only a day and bit away, Chuwi has already kicked off their Black Friday sale on tablets. Starting today (22nd) they have some discounted items till the 30th of November. The Black Friday Chuwi page is here on Aliexpress. One of the best deals is on the Hi10 Plus. It has a Surface 3 3:2 aspect ratio screen, Atom Z8350, 4GB RAM 64GB eMMC with Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0 (Android 5...[Read More]

Chuwi LapBook First Impressions

This is Chuwi’s first laptop from them, I’ve already looked at the EZbook Air, EZbook 2 and the LEPO 737S all Atom X5 Z8300 tablets. The YEPO review I canceled after discovering it uses a non-activated version of Windows 10 and no recovery partition making resetting it a nightmare. How the Chuwi HiBook here does have that issue. Below is my unboxing video: The LapBook comes in super Wh...[Read More]

Chuwi To Release Apollo Lake 3:2 Ratio Surface Book Tablet

Chuwi today posted a tweet with some interesting images of a new upcoming tablet. Judging from the images, I can see it has a Celeron N3450 which is a new Apollo Lake chip, 4GB of RAM and a 3000 x 2000 resolution making it a 3:2 aspect ratio screen. And in one photo it looks to be next to the Chuwi Hi12, clearing showing it’s a good inch or more larger. So it must have a Microsoft Surface Bo...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Review Online With Pros & Cons

My Chuwi Hi10 Plus review is online if you missed it on YouTube it’s below. My rating, listed pros and cons can be found here: Chuwi Hi10 Plus review. It’s not a bad 3:2 dual OS tablet, just not perfect. Missing full sized USB ports, the stylus isn’t pressure sensitive and the 3.5mm jack has some static. Besides this, it has a nice bright screen with ambient light sensor, good pe...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi10 Plus To Get Z8350 Updated Atom Cherry Trail

Looking for any new release Chinese  tablets,  I noticed GearBest has a second listing for the Hi10 Plus (I’ve recently reviewed) there is a newer version coming with an Atom Z8350, this is marginally faster chip with a higher turbo of 1.92Ghz instead of the 1.84Ghz. It also has a few hardware changes Intel made with the newer Cherry Trail revision. It’s listed as $50 more for the newe...[Read More]

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Unboxing & First Impressions

Maybe my last Z8300 tablet. I didn’t plan to review this one but I got a good number of requests so gave in. The highlight of the Chuwi Hi10 Plus is its 3:2 ratio Surface 3 screen, it’s decent panel while not super sharp like the fully laminated Hibook Pro, it is very bright over 430 lux when the ambient light sensor is disabled. At 1902 x 1280 is much easier on the Intel HD graphics w...[Read More]

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