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Chuwi Hi8 Pro to ship with USB 3 Type-C port

Chuwi Hi8 Pro to ship with USB 3 Type-C port

From Chuwi’s Weibo press event today, they have confirmed the Hi8 Pro will feature a USB 3 Type-C port. This will be the first Chinese tablet to come with this new connector, as far as I can tell it’s USB 3.0 Type C and not USB 3.1 (The Asus Transformer Book T100HA has USB 3.1 Type C) if anyone understands Chinese can you please confirm it’s 3.0 or 3.1?

Points of note:

  • Same design and screen of the Hi8, 1920 x 1200 16:9 350 nits
  • Battery life is claimed to be a massive 8 hours (Hard to believe this figure!)
  • Supports 128GB MicroSD cards
  • USB Type-C connector (Three times more expensive than the Micro USB 2.0 port Chuwi point out)
  • Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail (1.84 Ghz boost)
  • 32GB eMMC
  • 2GB of DDR3L Ram


The tablet should be released now and makes it’s way out from the factory, Banggood have it listed for $99.

Here are the Chuwi Hi8 press images from the Weibo post:

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  1. TechTablets,
    I am looking for window tables around $100 to play WOW. I found your videos and this site reviews. I appreciate you for the information. After I read it, it seems Chuwi Hi8 pro is the best table now, right? Or, do you have any idea?

    • Ive played WoW on a MeegoPad T01 Stick, this should be more powerfull…

      Mine is being shipped right now, lets hope it reaches me fast, I ll do a review asap.

  2. Any news about this tablet?

    • Should be out this week I was told. I have it ordered and when I get it it will be posted on the site.

  3. They must have very slow wifi in China as they seem to not care about 5ghz or WIFI AC at all. Let me know when a device has the below specs at a reasonable price. This Hi8 Pro comes close but no AC (which means no 5ghz) is still a deal breaker for me, and 32gb eMMC is just not enough. Without AC, then it MUST have USB 3.0 so we can use a USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter for reliable streaming.

    1. Cherry Trail or Skylake
    2. 4gb Ram
    3. 64gb eMMC
    4. Dual Boot (rootable Android a must)
    5. WIFI AC, or at least 5ghz N
    6. USB 3.0, any port type I don’t care.
    7. HDMI port with [email protected]

    When will we get one of these tabs with above specs? I don’t care if its a 8″ tab, so long it can double as a media streamer connected to my TV. lol

    • I hope next year and add fully laminated retina display to that list.

      • Haha true. But can’t we laminate it ourselves with a proper screen protector? I guess it would be best if it were a ipad clone (like the Teclast Air series) because they will have dozens of really good screen protectors to choose from. I could build an angled mount stand so that it has a place to rest on the media shelf below my TV (next to the bluray player), without being flat. You can remove the 4K@60 fps requirement for now, as I probably wont get a 4K TV until 2017 or 2018 (but its best to just have that at this time anyway). But I still need to be able to connect it to my 1080p TV and/or my 1440p display. Thanks for all the reviews Chris.

  4. How did I miss this tablet? Last week I just ordered the Hi8. Does anyone think this new processor will have a noticable bump in speed?

    • The CPU will be nearly the same, GPU is 40% faster + it has usc-c and microHDMI. But the Hi8 has the dual boot feature (which the Hi8 pro will hopefully get with an update).

  5. Hey Chris! Do you have any new informations about the shipping date and if the tablet will get a dualboot option?

  6. HDMI and WiDi too. Spoiled for choice compared to the previous Hi8.

  7. Chris, when I visit the Asus site here
    It says it is a USB 3.0 Type-C, not the 3.1 type. Where do you find the 3.1 type? At Amazon I also only find Transformer T100HA with USB 3.0 only.

    • Hi, quick google search, seems the site had it wrong. USB 3.0 it is.

      • Ahh, apparently it was a typo as Asus has fixed it. It now says 3.1 at their website. Interesting….

  8. Will wait for the review for the Hi8 Pro, currently I’m split between this and the Cube Iwork 8 ultimate Cherry trial (for $85), the upgrades on hi8 pro are quite substantial (fhd screen, headset jack instead of headphone jack), but Chuwi has historically used really crappy built-in eMMC drives..that and I wanna know the impact of an FHD screen and Cherrytrail on the thermals of this thing (FHD means that more gpu grunt would be used, ergo more heat)

  9. Why is no one talking about the fact that this has a DC charging port… you don’t need to charge from the USB plug! All you need is an external hub, that’s pretty awesome to me!

    • @webworks Does it say that d/c plug in to charge? Where is the plug then on the bottom as the image shows type c port, micro HDMI and 3.5 mm jack, which is now 4 pole by the way, meaning headsets with mic support.

      • If you look on the Banggood link you posted, it says “1*DC Port” under i/o port… perhaps I reading it wrong, but that would be cool! Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but it seems to be a separate item above 3.5 mm headphone jack and USB Type-C on the official Chuwi image, too.

    • And where, pray tell, have you seen anything about a DC jack on this thing ?
      You can clearly see from the official images that it’s just 3.5 audio jack, micro HDMI and a USB Type-C.
      This is all the more annoying because my charging hub might not work with an improvised adapter, if I cut the micro off it and attach some Type-C end, in which case I, (We), might have to wait, God only knows how long, before somebody actually makes a proper Type-C hub.

    • I don’t think it has a separate DC charging port. The third port in the picture is the headphone jack. The DC in the spec sheet is listed in accessories and ostensibly refers to a usb wall charger.

  10. Will Chuwi add dual boot with Android in the future?

    • There is a possibility of that happening later down the line, they might release a dual boot bios and Android firmware.

  11. and there is a micro HDMI too

  12. Well that sucks… Am I going to have to buy another charging USB hub for this thing ?

  13. 8 hours HAHAHAHAHA ¬_¬

  14. They have the same battery life claim and graphic for the Hi8…

  15. Take a picture with google goggles to translate text on images. It just says the port is 3 times more expensive.

    These graphics have been on their tmall flagship store page for days…

  16. haha. for the usb type c, it’s not saying it is 3.0 but saying the cost of type usb c is 3 times the cost a normal usb port

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